Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  Townsend is very quiet this morning.  I saw some people jogging, walking and riding bicycles and a stream of vehicles heading for Cades Cove to ride the loop.  I stopped at the IGA to buy a newspaper and it was almost empty.  What we have is the lull in tourism, what I call the transition period when the Summer visitors have kids going back to school.  The Fall visitors, a different group are waiting for cooler weather.  Then they will start showing up.

It is going to be hot again today.  Yesterday the high was 98 degrees with heat indices over 100 degrees.  We have a good chance for thunderstorms today and for the next several days.  It will be cooler after today.  The highs and lows will still be above normal though.  So, it sounds like the streams will be replenished and could become cooler. That will be favorable for fishing in the Park.

The flow rate in Little River below the “Y” is currently 67 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 115 cfs.
Right now, fishing is slow in the lower elevations, good in the high mountains.  Mid-elevations streams are fishing OK early in the morning.  Dry flies are working well but a dropper is a good idea.  I would select a Yellow Stimulator and a Green Weenie as the dropper.  Fish the faster water, hit the pockets and try to stay in the shade.  Take plenty of water or a water purifier. 

Paula and I fished on the lake yesterday.  The water was very warm.  We started fishing at 7:00 am.  Nothing even looked at poppers.  We tried to get flies deep enough to get some action.  We were using shad minnow imitations.  The fish were not interested.  Finally I tied on a black weighted wooly bugger and caught a small bass and a large shellcracker.  That was it.  By noon it was really hot.  We pulled the boat out of the water and headed home.

I mentioned the pending problem with Townsend property owners and the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) a few days ago in this report.  Finally the press picked up on the story.  While I was off yesterday, Channel 10 called here looking for me.  I will call them back in a few minutes.  The Daily Times had a reporter in town yesterday, who got a story.  You can read the story HERE on their website.  You will see a picture of my buddy Herb Handly.  I’ve mentioned him on this report many times over the years. 

TDOT is asking property owners to move anything they have on the state right of way (ROW).  The scope of this problem is huge.  Entire parking lots, buildings, a swimming pool, signs and a host of other structures are involved.  Almost 80 certified letters were sent out to property owners.  Some encroachments are minor, some a not.   Some of these structures have been in the same place for decades. This is the most serious crisis we have had in our town since the big flood in the early 90’s.

When we built this building I had it surveyed by the same engineering firm that designed and drew our site plan.  Each boundary marker was kept open and visible during the year-long process of building this store.  Flags and orange paint kept those boundaries well marked and visible to all of us during that time.  So, we don’t have anything on the ROW and we didn’t get a letter. 

It’s a mess.  I hope we can get it resolved.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
August 14, 2010

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