Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  A flock of wild turkeys were walking around pecking the ground in front of our house early this morning.  Many were young of the year birds.  I think there were about 15 of them.  At the swinging bridge I talked to a guy who was bass fishing.  He had just lost a big red eye bass or rock bass.  I took the water temperature.  It was 75 degrees.  The flow increased overnight due to thunderstorms that developed and dropped over a half inch of rain here and maybe more in the mountains.  The flow in Little River is 112 cubic feet per second (cfs) right now.  Median flow for this date is 109 cfs.  The river peaked last night and started dropping.  There is a little color in the water but it is not muddy.

Fishing is good in the high elevation streams where the water is cooler.  You should be able to catch brook and rainbow trout on dry flies or nymphs.  Try hiking way above Elkmont or drive up the West Prong of the Little Pigeon River on Highway 441.  You need to find cool water.  Fishing is best early in the mornings.  Try a small Yellow Stimulator, Yellow Elk Hair Caddis, Neversink Caddis or even a Parachute Adams.  Drop a Green Weenie off the dry.  The trout will take either one. 

Fishing in the lower elevations streams is very slow. 

That will change soon.  It is going to cool off.  Today and tomorrow will be in the low 90’s but the high Wednesday is predicted to be 81 degrees according to the Weather Channel website.  Highs will remain in the 80’s throughout the week and into next weekend.  What a relief that will be for us and the trout.  We’ll start seeing lows in the 60’s again by the weekend.  The water will cool and the trout will become more active.

Fishing in the lakes will improve too.  We are going to see more people fishing which is a relief to all the fly shop owners in the region.  I got a call this week from a friend who owns a shop.  He asked if our business is as bad as his right now.  I told him I didn’t know but our business is very slow.  His is too.  I blame it on the heat. 

Today we will hold our first Troutfest 2011 Steering Committee meeting.  It will be held at the Laurel Valley golf course and restaurant.  We have new committee members and guests attending our first meeting.  Next year, Troutfest will be even more organized and attendance should be much better than this year.  I know that doesn’t seem possible but we have some new marketing plans that will take our advertising efforts to thousands of more people in the United States. 

Over 40% of our banquet tickets were sold to people who don’t live anywhere near here.  Actually, people from Ohio made up a significant percentage.  Troutfest attendees came here from many states.  This has become an important event to a lot of folks.  We had volunteers here from Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas Virginia, other states and of course Tennessee.  One couple from Australia made their vacation plans to include the weekend at Troutfest. 

As a committee we have to start the planning process early.  We took a 3 month break and we’re back to work. 

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
August 15, 2010

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