Townsend, Tennessee
August 17, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is foggy and warm this morning in Townsend, Tennessee.  The mountains have puffs of fog hovering around them.  It looks like smoke.  Wild turkeys were feeding in the fields around our house earlier.  An animal of some sort got into our neighbor’s garbage probably this morning right before I came to work.  A private garbage service will come to your house once a week and pick up your garbage even where we live in the middle of nowwhere.  And we all know to put your garbage out just before they arrive, not the night before so bears and coyotes won’t dig through your stuff.  This morning that strategy did not work. 

Little River is flowing well above normal.  A thunderstorm formed in the mountains and dropped some rain last early evening.  I was working here and watched as sky to ground lightning struck the mountains.  We got just a trace of rain here.  I guess the mountains got more.

Little River Road from the Elkmont turnoff to Metcalf Bottoms is still closed this morning according to the Park Service.  A couple of rock slides partially covered the road on Friday.  So that stretch of road has been closed since then.  Crews have been working to remove the debris and checking for the possibility of more rock falling on the road.  That closing forced a lot of people to use Middle and West Prong of Little River.  I would bet a lot more people ended up on Abrams Creek.  Anglers told me the Tremont area was packed with people this weekend, mainly swimmers and tubers.  I didn’t talk to anyone who did well fishing up there.  I did talk to some anglers who fared better up on highway 441 fishing Walker Camp Prong and the tributaries.  The water is cool up there.  The air is cool too.

Today there will be less people using the Park.  But, if I were planning to go I think I would fish up high if I were leaving from Knoxville, Sevier County and from that direction.  You could access Elkmont from there and hike upstream from the campground.  From here I would try Thunderhead Prong and Sams Creek. Maybe the upper part of the Middle Prong of Little River would be fairly good. 

I would use terrestrials or yellow bodied dry flies.  A Green Weenie or Bead Head Pheasant Tail dropper would be a good idea. 

I attended a very interesting seminar held in Townsend last week.  The advertising agency who handles our County’s tourism marketing, The Tombras Group, put it on for anyone who is a Chamber member or properties who collect the hotel/motel tax.  This seminar was an eye opener for me.  Much of the information had to do with social networking with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  That’s right, businesses use those services too.  But what really hit home for me was the fact that the fastest growing segment of internet users are doing it on phones.  And, according to the statistics I saw, the use of Blackberrys and IPhones for internet use will grow to 80% of the total.

People are actually using their mobile devices to check their favorite websites.  And eventually that practice will grow beyond the use of personal computers.  So, what does all of that have to do with me?  I have a cell phone to be used for emergencies.  I would have to think about it for a few minutes to tell you where it is.  I think it’s in my boat stuff. I don’t think I can access the internet from it but I’ve never tried.

But, what it means is we must create more websites for mobile devices.  These sites will be narrow with less images.  And, we’ll have a “sniffer” to determine what type of mobile device our reader is using so one of our many “mini” sites will be chosen to work best on that person’s device. 

It means when I write the Fishing Report there will be different versions for different devices. 

Here is an example of a website from Weather Underground designed for a mobile device but it will open in your PC or Mac browser window.  Go ahead, open it.  Then shrink the window down as small as you can.  There you will see what I’m talking about.  It looks a lot different from the version I’m used to.

Most of you probably know more about this than I do.  Many of you probably think I’m an idiot for just now learning about this.  I kind of feel that way too. But, that’s why I attend marketing seminars. Now I will probably need to buy an iPhone so I can check our new smaller websites.  Actually that is probably the only reason I would buy one.  I just don’t need mobile devices.  Either I’m here at work or I don’t want to be reached because I’m fishing. 

Some people might look at this situation as a costly and time consuming pain in the backside.  I look at it as an opportunity and something fun and interesting to learn.  One of the most enjoyable things about owning your own business is coming up with ways to out-perform your competition.  It is like playing a game with real money and real assets.  Well, here is one of those opportunities.  I can’t wait to get started.

Byron Begley
August 17, 2009


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