Townsend, Tennessee
August 20, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is overcast and warm with patchy fog following Little River and hovering over the hollows in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  It is not raining again yet but there is a band of thunderstorms headed our way and they are big.  Jack and I got blown off the lake temporarily yesterday by a storm.  And another one hit us last night.  We got almost an inch of rain at the shop in the past 24 hours.

Little River is flowing at 280 cubic feet per second.  Normal for this date is 105 cfs.  The lowest recorded flow in 44 years on this day was 23 cfs year before last during the awful drought.  We have an 80% chance for rain today and tomorrow.  The Weather Service simply calls the details of our forecast as “Heavy Rain”.  So, we may have some high water over the next couple of days.  Rainfall for the year is up 5 inches from normal at the Airport. 

Little River is flowing strong and the water is stained a little.  That’s good for fishing.  And fishing is good.  The road between Metcalf Bottoms and Elkmont is open.  They opened it sometime yesterday.  I’m very glad of that.  That has put a lot of pressure on the small streams around Townsend and made it hard for people to get to Elkmont.  I remember in the early 90’s after the big flood the road from the “Y” to Metcalf Bottoms was closed for what seemed like a year.  I think it was a year.  And the road from Great Smoky Mountains Institute up to the forks was closed for longer than that.  We rode our mountain bikes on the closed road to fish for more than a year.

If I were to fish today I would probably use nymphs or streamers and try to catch a big trout.  Dry flies might work fine too.  Terrestrials such as ants, beetles and Green Weenies will work.  Today I would fish the Middle or West Prongs of Little River, Thunderhead Prong, below Elkmont on the East or above Elkmont.

I was here at 8:00 am this morning to meet our communications and IT people.  This morning was the big switchover they have all been preparing for.  We updated our old T1 line and started a new 2-year contract with Nuvox.  They handle our 7 phone lines, internet connection and long distance service including toll free calling.  AT&T, Nuvox and Analytical Systems were all involved.  Our goal was to have everything switched over this morning before opening time at 9:00 am.  They did it. And our internet speed is now three times as fast as it was. 

Three companies bid on the contract and Nuvox won again.  We started using with them 6 years ago when we built this building and replaced our server and updated our point of sale computer system.  I personally wired this building with Cat 5 cable.  I ran wire everywhere you could think of plugging in a computer or a phone except in the rest rooms.  And when they all came together behind our rack, that bunch of wire is about the size of your arm.  Somehow, Analytical Systems in Maryville got everything working. I numbered and color coded the wire and made a diagram as I went.

All of our power and services are buried underground.  I even ran a couple of extra pipes for future expansion.  For instance when we are ready to switch over to the latest, greatest communications system such as fiber optic we already have the pipe, buried and waiting.

Anyway, they got the phones and internet working by opening time.  Our internet speed is three times faster than it was and everything seems to be working fine.

I just got a call from Frank Bryant who owns Chota.  He’s bringing all the new gear over so we can start photographing it for his brochures and our website.  His other dealers will also get these photographs. I have never shot waders before.  This will be interesting.  We’ll start this afternoon.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
August 20, 2009


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