Townsend, Tennessee
August 21, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is cloudy and fairly warm but it feels a little like Fall.  And it is going to feel even more like Fall this weekend.  The Canada Geese are flying in flocks.  Jack and I noticed them doing that two days ago when we were fishing.  This morning Ted and I were carrying trash out to the dumpster.  A flock in formation flew right over us at low altitude.  Ted mentioned that they were acting like it was winter.  Ted should know.  He spent his entire life outdoors either fishing or hunting.  It is going to be much cooler this weekend.  We’ll see lows in the 50’s and highs in the 70’s on Sunday. 

Fishing in the Fall can be really good if we have water in the streams.  Right now we have plenty of water.  And there is a 70% chance we’ll get a lot more water today.  The big storms missed us yesterday.  We didn’t need the rain anyway. 

As the water cools off the fishing will improve in the lower elevations.  There will be less swimmers and tubers in the river.  The trout will get more active and you won’t need to worry about going up high enough to find ideal water.  The lakes will be cooler soon and the fishing will improve in them. 

Right now I would use terrestrial patterns and yellow bodied dries.  I might drop a bead head pheasant tail in deep runs and riffles.  I would certainly use a Green Weenie. Early and late will still be best for a while.  You might even throw in a fleece vest and of course a lightweight rain jacket just in case.  Sitting here looking out at the Smokies makes me want to go fishing.  I can’t remember seeing these mountains so green and lush.  And I don’t remember seeing Little River look this good in August.  I’m checking the water level chart right now and every day for the last seven the water level has been above normal.  There have been very few days this year when the water was below normal.  Right now the flow is 189 cubic feet per second.  Two years ago on this date it was 23 cfs. 

Daniel reminded me about a mistake I made on the fishing report one day this week.  I posted the phone number to call the Park and get a recording that gives road closure information.  At that time the Little River Road between Metcalf Bottoms and Elkmont was closed due to a rock slide.  The number I gave you was the direct line to Steve Moore’s office.  Steve runs the Fisheries Department at the Park.  I’ve dialed it so much over the past 19 years it just typed itself in and it is only two digits off the main number I meant to give you.  So, I wonder if Steve got phone calls in higher than usual numbers.  He called me yesterday and didn’t mention it.  I didn’t know about my mistake at the time and he didn’t either.  I’ll confess the next time I talk to him.

I did the same sort of thing to Matt from Renzetti right before Troutfest.  Matt was flying into Knoxville and asked me for our street address at the shop.  He was going to use his GPS to find us.  By mistake, I gave him our home address.  He rented a car, turned on the GPS and ended up in the middle of nowhere at our house.  Usually I tell people to just drive into Townsend and you will find us.  Our store is one of the most visible buildings in town.  But he wanted to use that darned GPS. 

Yesterday Frank Bryant who owns Chota called and asked if I would take some pictures of waders and boots that afternoon.  I am photographing their entire line for them.  I have a 9 foot backdrop that I have only used once and I have never photographed waders.  Waders are the largest objects we sell.  I looked forward to trying it.  He came over with a bunch of gear and we got started.  Daniel came up with the idea of using a big fat cardboard tube to drape the suspenders over.  We suspended the tube in mid-air from a couple of the beams in the studio which is also my office. We have three 3’ flash boxes and one is mounted on a boom that is secured to a beam. 

It was a little crazy in here yesterday.  We had two ladders, the flash units had to be set way back from the subjects and the power cranked up to almost full blast.  We stuffed the waders with bubble wrap and made sure there were not any lumps or ugly wrinkles.  We spent a lot of time getting the waders ready and prepped.  Paula came in and helped with that.  Now, all I have to do is Photoshop out the big cardboard tube and we’re ready to roll.  I have some new wading shoes to shoot before Sunday. 

Chota has seven new products this year.  They will be shown to the dealers at the Fly Tackle Dealer Show in three weeks.  The show is held in Denver.  Then the Sales Reps will take samples on the road to the fly shops.  Chota is taking a big step this year.  I’m glad to have a part in this. Mark Brown who is the Sales Manager just called.  He is going to be fishing in the Smokies on Sunday and wants to stop by and pick up the leftover product so I’ll need to finish by then.  These are all factory samples that will be displayed at the Denver Show.  The actual inventory for the stores won’t be a available until October. 

Our big push to get our products on the Online Catalog begins now.  All of our suppliers will have new products.  I think Orvis has around eighty.  Any changes and additions to the online catalog are done online.  We don’t just add a product in the computer and load the whole thing up to the remote server all at once.  Several steps for each item are uploaded.  That used to take a lot more time than it does now.  Yesterday we had some new communications equipment installed that tripled our speed and that will make our job go much faster this year.  Before, we did a lot of waiting.  Not anymore.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
August 21, 2009

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