Townsend, Tennessee
August 26, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is partly cloudy and cool in Townsend this morning.  Fog is dispersed between the mountains in the hollows.  I saw three wild turkeys this morning in our neighbors orchard.  I stopped to watch them.  They were only 75 feet from my truck but they didn’t seem concerned.  I guess my truck doesn’t look enough like a bobcat or coyote to send them flying. 

Little River looks great.  The water temperature was 65 degrees in town.  The flow is 167 cubic feet per second compared to a normal of 107 cfs for this date.  The lowest recorded flow on this day was 21 cfs year before last.  Paula and I are going fishing on Friday.  That means we will get some rain, probably a deluge.  There is a 50% chance for thunderstorms.  With us being on the water that will change to 100%.  It is going to be hot today and tomorrow then it will cool off.  This weekend is going to be nice but there may be some scattered thunderstorms.  Next week is going to be very cool.

Fishing is good in the Park. Though water levels are really good in this watershed some in the Park are below normal.  Cataloochee for instance is running quite a bit below normal.  Today the flow is 32 cfs and normal is 55 cfs.  Tellico is flowing above normal about like Little River.

I would fish early and late for the next two days.  You will probably catch some trout during the day but fishing will be better in the mornings and evenings.  I would use terrestrials for both dry flies and wet.  Don’t forget your Green Weenies.  But the trout will probably take about anything.  Yellow works good. 

The tailwaters are fishing well especially if you like striper fishing.  It seems like a lot of anglers are taking up that sport.  It’s nice to be able to hook a 20 to 40 pound fish in East Tennessee.  Heck, it’s nice to hook one anywhere.  There is some surface activity in the lakes too.  Fish are busting minnows.  I tied a couple of threadfin shad patterns last night that were one inch long.  They were tied on a #6 egg hook.  You will see photos of them in the next issue of the Little River Journal.  If you have not signed up to receive your copy do it today at the bottom of this page.  The new issue will go out next week.

TWRA is considering some new tighter regulations in our state.  One of the most popular changes involves the Caney Fork River below Center Hill Dam.  Here is a link to the news release:

People on our Message Board including me are talking about this and the excitement level is high.

Here’s the way this works.  The fisheries biologists at the Agency propose changes in harvest limits, which lately have been a slot limit which seems to work.  Those proposals from the biologists go to the Fisheries Committee at the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission to be considered.  That has been done.  Then there is time for public comment.  You can do that by e-mail.  Send one to your Region Commissioner and another to Frank Fiss at TWRA if it involves trout regulations.  Then plan to attend the Commission meeting in October.  You should also plan to speak to the commission about your position on the proposal.  Ask for time to speak in your e-mail.  Call TWRA and make sure you are allowed to speak. 

I’ve done this several times starting back in the early 1980’s.  Your voice and your e-mail count more than you would imagine.  The whole experience is very interesting and there will be people speaking who have a different opinion than you do.  I’ve seen those who speak get a little excited.  And only once was I concerned about my personal safety.  That was at a meeting in Middle Tennessee in the 1980’s.  You don’t have to worry about that now, security at Commission Meetings is high and outbursts will not be tolerated. 

Our Agency, Commissioners and Biologists will appreciate your participation.  I’ve had Commissioners come up and thank me after I spoke. We have a great Agency and excellent biologists and I’m going to support them any way I can.  Please get involved.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
August 26, 2009  

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