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Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is foggy and warm this morning in Townsend.  There was a lot of traffic on the roads and streets when I drove to work.  Traffic was unusual for a Friday in August.  I stopped at the swinging bridge at 7:30 am.  Frank, one of our policemen pulled in.  We talked for a while.  Frank tells me everything that is going on in town that I don’t know about. 

Little River is getting lower by the day.  Flow this morning is 44 cubic feet per second.  Median flow for this date is 107 cfs.  The lowest recorded flow on this date was 21 cfs in 2007.  The water temperature was 72 degrees earlier.

Fishing in the Park is going to be tricky this weekend and for a few days.  The temperature during the day is going to be hot and the sun will be shining.  There is no rain in the forecast for the next few days. 

I would venture into the backcountry above Elkmont, hike into the mid-elevation smaller streams and fish anywhere you can find shade and cool water.  The trout will be in the riffles and choppy water where a riffle enters a pool.  There, they can find cover and feel more secure from predators.  I talked to a customer yesterday who fished Oconluftee.  He said the water was low but the fishing was good.  He knows what he’s doing.  He knows how to fish low water. 

Dry flies are working.  Hit the pockets behind rocks in the riffles.  Stay hidden, keep low and don’t cast your shadow over the water you are fishing.  Try terrestrial dry flies like ants and beetles.  Give a Green Weenie a shot.  Yellow Sally dry fly patterns will work.  Use light tippet.  Enjoy yourself. 

Lower Little River is going to be tough to paddle and fish due to the low water.  Many of the usual good stretches are too low to fish.  The bass will be in deeper water.  Hit the shady banks with poppers. 

Bears have come out of the Park looking for food.  Frank said this morning, the Police are responding to a lot of bear problems that may be linked to about 10 different animals.  Our neighbor had one, a huge bear hanging around their house three days ago.  It took a dip in the pond then scratched a door on the house.  Actually the scratches were above the door.  This is a big bear.  We live a few hundred feet away and I’m sure he has checked us out.  None of us have bird feeders and we keep our trash inside.  I’m planning to grill out tonight.  There will be a loaded 45/70 and a video camera near the grill just in case.

Rumor has it, a bear picked up a six pack of Budweiser and bit into each can to consume the beer.  I think that happened at a campground in town.  Now, think about it.  If someone had a good video of that, the footage would end up on a commercial during the Super Bowl.  And the person who shot the video would make some good money for their effort and risk.

The reason for this heightened activity is due to the lack of berries in the Park.  I guess that is due to the heat and dry conditions.  This is one of the hottest summers in recorded history.  And, I’m sick of it.  I long for cool days and more water in the rivers.

Townsend City held court last night.  Frank said there were about 100 cases.  Most were for speeding and DUI. Court is held one night every three months.  We have a judge that presides part time.  I think I’ll go sometime and sit with Frank and Ronnie, our Police Chief.  Court was moved to the auditorium because there were so many people there last night. 

We have some new software that keeps track of violations and court appearances. I was there when the companies presented their programs.  The software loads the information in the State of Tennessee database.  

We were holding a Z-Axis 7 weight rod for a customer and he decided not to buy it.  So it is available to you at 28% off or $500.  I fished with one of these rods on Wednesday with Josh Pfeiffer.  He has two of them. I loved them.  This is a perfect smallmouth bass rod. If someone doesn’t buy it fairly soon I may. It’s sitting on my desk right now saying “Buy Me”. 

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
August 26, 2011

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