Townsend, Tennessee
August 28, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  Townsend is wet and gray this morning. A light rain has been falling all morning. More rain looks to be on its way. We had 0.92" in the rain gauge. Townsend didn't get anywhere near as much rain as the Knoxville Airport did. They had almost 3" in a very short time. The Daily Times had a photo of a car stuck in a puddle on Alcoa Hwy.

Driving up to the Park to check water conditions this morning the rivers looked good. According to the USGS streamflow gauge, river levels are still dropping but that should change as the website catches up.
This morning, Little River (East Prong) was flowing with just a little bit of color in the riffles but mostly clear. The deeper pools were a bit murky. Middle Prong of Little River (Tremont) was flowing mostly clear. The deeper pools were stained. Water levels looked good. West Prong suprisingly had the most color of the streams. It was flowing at a good rate and though it was stained it wasn't muddy. As it continues to rain be careful with water flows. Streams can rise rapidly. I would stick to the road/trail side of the stream. This will help prevent you from becoming trapped on the wrong side of the river should water levels rise unexpectedly.

The basic Summer-time fly patterns will cover you today. I never hit the stream this time of year without a Stimulator. Green Weenies continue to produce. Rain can knock terrestrials such as ants and beetle into streams making for a nice meal. Some people like to fish San Juan worms during and after a rain figuring that the saturated soil will drive worms out and into the rivers.

Bill Bolinger fished on the Holston River on Wednesday. He got out very early and said he was doing well until around 8:30 when the sun finally got on the water. He said at that point it was like someone flipped the switch and everything stopped. He took the water temps and it was in the high 60's.

We have gotten in three new books for fishing in the Smokies. The big buzz has been about the new book by Jim Casada. It is titled Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park: An Insider's Guide to A Pursuit of Passion. A long title but hey, it isn't a tiny pamphlet of a book. Jim's book is available in hardcover for $37.50 or softcover for $24.95. There is pleanty of information about where to go and water to use as well as historical information.
If your fishing abitions are more regional then check out James Buice's new book Southeast's Best Fly Fishing. This new guide book covers Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This book doesn't gives more of an overview of the region but includes great maps, hatch charts and excellent information. It is softcover and sells for $29.95.
Finally the last book is a reprint of a classic. Hunting and Fishing in the Great Smokies, The Classic Guide for the Sportsman, by Jim Gasque. This book was originally published in 1948. If you are into regional history this is a definite to add to your collection. There is info about fishing in the streams for trout and even info on hunting bear and boars. This one is also paperback and sells for $19.00.

These titles haven't made it onto the Online Catalog quick yet but we'll be adding them soon. You can get them now just by calling.

Byron and Paula have the boat out today. I hope they packed rain gear and the bilge pump. If you decide to go fishing today keep an eye on water levels. Have fun but be safe. Thank you for reading the Fishing Report today.

Daniel Drake
August 28, 2009

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