Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny and cooler this morning.  People are out and about enjoying this break from the heat.  That break will continue though there is no rain in the forecast looking ahead a few days.  Wildlife is very active.  Seven wild turkeys were on our private road when I drove out of our drive.  I got within 10 feet of one wild bird.  Another flew across the neighbor’s fence.  Most of them just walked off the road yielding to my truck.  In the parking lot at the shop a flock of Canada geese flew overhead just above the power wires.  I quickly got under the cover of my rear door just in case.  As far as I could tell, they didn’t try to drop anything on me.

Little River looks fine at the swinging bridge.  But, the water is very low.  Flow is 42 cubic feet per second now.  Median flow for this date is 104 cfs.  On this date during the drought in 2007 the flow was 29 cfs.  You can see that the water is closer to drought than to normal.  It’s low.

Fishing in the Park is OK but it will be much better when we get some rain and cooler weather.  You will find the trout hidden in the riffles behind or in front of rocks, anywhere the current is broken.  Or they may be hiding under rocks and undercut banks.  I would use dry flies, probably a beetle or some other terrestrial pattern.  Trout are looking for terrestrials and nymphs.  They are also finding some Yellow Sally stoneflies.  A Green Weenie is always a good choice this time of year.

Lower Little River can produce smallmouth bass, rock bass and bluegill right now but they will be in the deeper pools.  Poppers are working.  Lower Little Pigeon looks better.  It not only looks better, some of my friends have been fishing there and doing pretty well. 

“INFAMOUS TOWNSEND BEAR CAPTURED”.  That headline appeared on the Daily Times website this morning.  CLICK HERE to read the story.  Ronnie, our Police Chief set a trap near Kerry’s house and finally caught one.  But there are more.  These animals are hungry.  The soft mast crop was light this year.  They are leaving the Park and looking for food.  A larger bear appeared on our neighbor’s porch and scratched the house above a door.  This is a very large bear. The one Ronnie caught at Kerry’s house was not huge, just about normal for his age.

Ronnie is taking care of the bear.  The trap is really a large steel cage.  I’m looking at his yard right now but I don’t see the trap or bear.  I’m sure he is there.  TWRA will re-locate the Infamous Bear to the Cherokee National Forest today. I'm going to walk over there now and have a look. I'll take a camera.

Next Saturday, the shops at Trillium Cove and our store are donating 10% of our sales to the Appalachian Bear Rescue center.  The center takes orphaned cubs and prepares them for release into the wild.  Lisa, who runs the center is a friend of mine.  She serves with me on the City Planning Commission.  The center is located near our house but very few people know it is there.  They don’t want visitors.  These bears are nurtured into young adults without much contact with humans.  I think Lisa told me they have about 10 or more cubs right now. 

I have not had the guts to tell Lisa that I go on the boar and bear hunt in Cherokee National Forest.  I go because it is fun, I love to hear the hounds and I like the people I hunt with.  I really don’t want to shoot a bear.  I want to kill a wild boar.  That has been a dream since I was a kid.  Maybe this Fall my dream will come true.

Michael, one of our City Commissioners told me at a meeting one night I should mention my hunting to Lisa.  I told Michael to shut up.  He gave me that big smile. 

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
August 28, 2011 

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