Townsend, Tennessee
August 29, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is overcast and rather warm this morning.  But it is going to cool down tonight.  And every night for the next few will be cool, in the mid 50’s.  Fall is in the air.  Townsend is quiet as usual for this time of year.  There is almost no traffic on the streets.  The tourists who are visiting here are having a good experience.  It’s not crowded and the conditions are comfortable.  This is really a good time to be here.

The water is getting cooler and there is plenty of it.  Little River looked perfect this morning.  The flow is about double what it usually is at this time of the year.  That’s good.  On Thursday a thunderstorm dropped 2.64” of rain in Alcoa and Maryville as recorded at the airport.  Most of that missed us.  We got a little less than an inch here.  It was supposed to rain yesterday.  The forecast called for heavy rain and thunderstorms.  Paula and I were at home debating whether to go fishing or not.  The boat was hooked up to my truck and ready to go.  We called it about noon.  I took a nap and tied flies.  We should have gone.  It was overcast, there was no rain and there were no storms.

Fishing is good here and it’s going to get better.  The trout will probably hit about anything.  I would still use a beetle for the dry and a Green Weenie as a dropper.  It looks great out there now.  I would go for the day. 

Our website traffic is looking good.  We will end the 2/3 mark in the year at around 700,000 visitors. Those are not different individuals.  You are only counted one time during a 24 hour period but you could be counted 365 times per year if you visit every day.  We have no way of knowing how many individuals we are talking about.  But, if the trend continues taking into account the 4th quarter normally has high visitation we should have between 1.1 million and 1.2 million visitors this year.  Last year we had around 996,000 visitors. So we’ll be up.

Business in the shop will probably be up for the year.  We are down right now from last year.  At this point last year business was up 10% over 2007.  It was during the 4th quarter in November and December that things really got bad.  November last year was down 30%.  So we are going to be up against some bad numbers during the 4th quarter. We should gain a lot of ground.

The same is true at other fly shops in our region.  Business is not great but it’s not bad.  Most fly shop owners I’ve talked to have the same trend that we do and they are expecting the 4th quarter to be good.  There are a few shops who are barely hanging on.  Most of the older stores with experienced management are faring pretty well.

I’m going to be locked in here, not taking calls and not answering e-mail for the next three days finishing the Little River Journal. 

Have a great weekend and go fishing.  Fishing is good and fishing is good for you.

Thanks for being here with us and supporting our shop.

Byron Begley
August 29, 2009


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