Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  This day is not starting out well at all.  Our internet and phones are down at the shop.  That means we can’t talk to you, process credit cards, gift cards, sell fishing licenses, pull orders from our website and a whole host of other business related problems. 

This is all most likely due to the storm that blew through here this morning at about 3:00 am.  It was a bad one.  When I got here this morning I found exactly 2 inches of rain in our gauge.

To make matters even worse, the USGS Stream Flow Gauge is not reporting flow information.  I found that out early this morning from home.

I drove by Little River on my way here.  The water is up and very muddy in town.  The spring creek that runs through our property behind our house is way up and very muddy.  My best advice is, don’t drive a long distance to fish here today.  You may be disappointed.

Maybe other streams were not affected by this storm.  I did see the path it took.  The storm came through here from the west and made a wide swath through the Smoky Mountains.  I’ve got a feeling other watershed got the same treatment.

Fishing has been very good in the Smokies.  Water levels have been higher than normal.  Water temperatures have been pretty good.  Trout have been active.  Most of the anglers I spoke to this weekend did well.

Being a hot holiday weekend, the Park was crammed with visitors.  Some fishermen reported swimmers, rock skippers and tubers on the rivers located along roads.  Those who fished the smaller streams or hiked into the backcountry did very well.  Trout have been taking dry flies and nymphs.  Using a dry and a dropper has been popular.  Foam beetles and Neversinks have performed well as a dry fly.  Green Weenies were often used as droppers.

The weekend visitors left yesterday.  More visitors arrived yesterday, especially those pulling campers and driving motor homes.  I saw a lot of them.

The rain is over for a few days, I think.  Since I can’t check the weather forecasts from here I’m going by memory.  The rain has increased the stream flows.  Cooler nights are in our future this week.  Fishing is going to be very good in the Smokies after the water clears. 

There may be some streams that are completely blown out.  I don’t know right now. 

I am going home to upload this report and download our online orders.  If you call the shop you should be re-directed to a call phone.  In fact, we just got a call from Deborah at the Blount Chamber of Commerce in Maryville.  She told me all communications in Townsend are down, including cable phone and internet services.  The Vistiors Center which is part of the Chamber is suffering from the same fate as us and they are using a different provider.

I’m going home and try to upload this fishing report unless I without communications there.

Have you noticed that we rely on digital communications in our daily lives?  Have you thought about what happens when everything goes down? I’m pondering that right now.

Rob Fightmaster of Fightmaster Fly Fishing is running a special for guided trips that are booked today (September 3) or tomorrow (September 4).  If you book a trip, during these two days, he will donate 30% to Friends of the Smokies.  You can visit his website by CLICKING HERE.  Get in touch with Rob and book during this period, and you will be benefiting Friends and yourself.  You don’t have to take the trip now, just book it.  I bet Rob is near his phone right now.  You can also purchase a gift certificate for a friend and that will count too.  He’s a great guide and good friend of ours. You will enjoy your day with Rob. I think this is a great promotion.  His phone number is 865-607-2886.

Byron Begley
September 3, 2013

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