Townsend, Tennessee
September 5, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  I don’t remember seeing this many people in town all year.  I talked to one lodge yesterday that is full for the weekend.  But AAA expects travel to be down this year from 2008.  One reason is the holiday this year is the second week of September and a lot of kids are back to school.  Last year it was a week earlier and more people took advantage of the 3 day weekend before school started in many parts of the Country.  Looking at the traffic on our main street I would say we’re having a good holiday and tourism is good.  We’ll see what the numbers look like for the month.  We’ll get them in November.

Little River looks good, the flow is above normal and the water temperature is 64 degrees again in town.  The temp has been stuck on 64 for a while.  It is going to be hot today then cool off.  There is a 20% to 60% chance for rain every day for the next ten.

Fishing seems to be good everywhere.  The Park is fishing fine in the Little River watershed.  It would be better if we had more water.  In our region Little River, Little Pigeon and Tellico have the best flows.  Other watersheds are running below normal, some much below normal. 

Fishing today will be best early and late.  You can catch them during the day, just concentrate on the shady areas.  I would use light tippet, smaller dry flies and nymphs.  It is crucial that you stay hidden so you don’t spook the trout.  I’m still saying I would use a beetle as a dry and a Green Weenie dropper.  A Yellow Stimulator #16, Yellow Elk Hair Caddis, Neversink Caddis or Yellow Parachute Adams would be a good choice.  You never know, the trout may hit anything this time of year.  Most important is stealth and getting a good drift.  The trout will be hiding in riffles in pockets behind rocks.  They will also be on the edges of runs as long as there is cover. 

If you believe in the Moon’s effect on fishing it will be slower.  We’ve got a full moon.

According to the Washington Post there has been more good economic news this week.  “Pending home sales in July rose 3.2% compared with June and 12% higher when compared with July 2008.”  This information comes from the National Association of Realtors.

“The Institute for Supply Management’s Manufacturing Index broke 50 for the first time since January 2008, coming in at 52.9 in August.  The ISM index is a key measure of manufacturing in this country, and any number below 50 means the economy is in contraction; any number over 50 means it’s in expansion.”

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose over 1% yesterday closing at 9441.  The Dow is up 42.5% from March 6th and has a 15% increase over the close on July 9th.  For the year the Dow is up 4.5%.  The Dow usually grows on average about 12% per year.  Hopefully we’ll end there or better this year. I bet it’s better.

My guess is this will be a heavy tubing and swimming day in the Smokies.  I would go deep into the backcountry and stay off the lakes.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
August 5, 2009


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