Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  At 8:30 this morning the temperature in Townsend was 58 degrees.  The sun is shining bright, the air is clear and the mountains look larger and closer than normal.  It is quiet in town.  The holiday is over.  The tourist dependent business people are taking a break.  It was busy here for the past three days.

Little River is moving slowly, lazily, and low.  It seems peaceful though.  I enjoyed watching the water flow by this morning.  The water temperature is 64 degrees at the swinging bridge.  Flow is currently 40 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 98 cfs. 

Anglers were out and about this weekend.  Held back from their sport due to harsh heat over the past two months, the refreshing drop in temperature and humidity brought out the desire to fish.  And fish they did.  Jack Gregory and Steve Head went during the middle of the day yesterday.  I don’t know how they did.  They probably did well.  Glenn Claypool sent me an e-mail yesterday.  He and Deb spent Saturday at their campsite at Elkmont.  He fished much of the day and caught a couple of dozen trout, the largest being an 18” brown.  That fish was caught in the middle of the afternoon. 

So, the cooler temperatures have helped the fishing despite the low water.  Low water means you have to use finer tippet and use extreme caution when approaching the stream, being careful not to be seen by the trout.

I know the trout are taking terrestrial dry flies and Green Weenies.  I would probably start out with a beetle pattern for the dry and drop the Weenie off of that.  I would be using 6X tippet I think.  Glenn was using 7X.  I bet he was feeling some “angler anxiety” when he fought that brown trout using 7X tippet.

I’m hearing reports that smallmouth bass in some lakes are moving back into shallow water.  I hope so. I’m ready for some Stealth Bomber action.

We may get some rain tomorrow.  There is a 40% chance.  We need that.  It is going to warm up some this week compared to the past beautiful weekend.

Last night I worked on making poppers again.  Yesterday I wrote about that and linked an old article I wrote about the process.  I’m leaving the link on the report today in case you missed it. HERE IS THE LINK.  Have fun!

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
September 7, 2010 

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