Townsend, Tennessee
September 10, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  The fog is lifting and I can barely see the outline of the Smoky Mountains.  It’s cool this morning, 62 degrees when I left the house.  I stepped onto the front porch.  Where we live there are no sounds except for the occasional tractor or car from one of our two neighbors.  This morning all I could hear was turkeys clucking.  When I drove out the gravel road there they were.  They were right in the middle of the road and didn’t want to move.  I stopped maybe 10 feet from the birds and then started crawling toward them.  It took a minute or so but they finally got out of the way.  Traffic is very light on the streets but a lot of people were out walking.  Everyone is enjoying the cool weather.

We got some rain in the mountains either late last night or early this morning.  Little River’s flow jumped up a little.  The water temperature is dropping and it is going to keep doing that.  Over the next few days the highs in the valley will be in the high 70’s to maybe 80 degrees.  The lows will be in the 50’s to low 60’s.  In the mountains it will be a lot cooler than that.  We have a 50% chance for rain again today.  If we could get some more water in the streams combined with the cooler temperatures the fishing will be excellent.

The brown trout will be staging to spawn in the Park before too long.  Someone told me a couple of days ago they are seeing brown trout on redds in the Caney Fork River.  Fall is coming.  The lakes are cooler and fishing will improve on them. 

I talked to the owner of the boat dealer I patronize.  He said they are in a period of transition.  The pleasure boaters are not buying boats or getting the ones they own serviced.  And, the fishermen are not quite excited about the Fall fishing.  In a week or two that will change.  I noticed at the boat dealership that their inventory is different than what I saw this Spring.  There are very few pontoon boats and big vessels.  But he had plenty of fishing boats.  One beautiful $25,000 bass boat was waiting to be picked up and paid for by a customer who I happen to know.

If you are fishing in the Park you can catch trout on just about any standard dry fly or nymph but I would choose terrestrials because that is what they are eating more of.  Try beetles and ants.  Try Green Weenies.  But most importantly, stay well hidden and get a good drift.  Don’t spook the fish by dropping your fly line on top of them.  Fish the shady areas in the riffles and hit the pocket water.  Though the water level in Little River is above average it is still low and catching a trout in a slow pool would be a hard thing to do right now in the Smokies.  And, keep moving. 

I was getting ready to go to Morristown to have the boat serviced yesterday when Pat Jenkins, Townsend’s Mayor came in.  He and I are working on signs for “Townsend Days” which will be held September 25th through the 27th.  This festival is a partnership with five organizations participating at one time.

At the Visitors Center the will be the 17th annual Fall Heritage Festival and Old Timers Day.  It is held by the Great Smoky Mountains Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Blount County Chamber of Commerce.  Much of my volunteer work goes to these two organizations.  I do some volunteer work as Chairman of Troutfest but I don’t spend nearly as much time on that event as I do with the Visitors Bureau and the Chamber. 

That same weekend there is the Blue Ribbon County Fair at the Heritage Center.  They do a great job on that one.  I especially like the greased pig contest.  I don’t participate.  Greased pig catching or not catching is a spectator sport for me. I'm kind of paranoid about the swine flu too.

There is a great craft show at Nawger Nob.  It always draws a big crowd. I'm not very crafty but those who are say this is a great show.  

And finally the Little River Railroad Museum has their Fall Celebration called Railroad Days. That is one cool museum.

The City of Townsend is also a partner.  They provide the police for traffic control which is a big job.  Last year was huge.  We have no way of knowing how many people showed up.  I would guess 20,000.  Parking in Townsend was tough to find.  There is a 10 acre field next to the Visitors Center we use for parking.  And there is another field in front of the Heritage Center.  And, people find other places to park.  It is quite an event.  We are usually slow at the shop because fishermen tend to be on the streams and avoiding people in late September.  But, this is a good weekend to visit Townsend to fish and see this event, especially if you like chasing greased pigs. Believe it or not, a lot of people do.

Here is the link to a pdf about Townsend Days:

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
September 10, 2009


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