Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  The National Weather Service got it right on.  Dense Fog!  And that we have.  I had to stop in the middle of Old Highway 73 because a big dog was standing in the middle of my lane.  I had my headlights on and he was staring at my truck with a confused look on his face.  I guess he saw my headlights but not the truck.  Traffic was very light.  I saw three vehicles on my way to work.  There may have been many more.  If they did not have their headlights on, I would not have seen them.

The river looks perfect.  The water temperature was 61 degrees at 7:40 am.  That is the lowest reading I have taken since Spring.  The water will be cooler in the Park.

Flow is 142 cubic feet per second.  Median flow for this date is 80 cfs.  Sweet!  Fishing is going to be good for a while.  Low temperatures at night in the valley will be in the 50’s until Tuesday when it might creep barely above 60.  It is 53 degrees right now.  I was tempted to wear a jacket this morning. 

Lots of different fly patterns will work.  The trout in the Park are enjoying a perfect environment.  Everything is right.  So they will be eager to eat.  The one exception might be areas of the stream that are getting direct sunshine.  Even thought the water is deeper than normal, you will most likely do better in the shade.  But, anglers are almost never disappointed when we have conditions like we have now. 

Try a Parachute Adams, Yellow Sally, Beetle, Ant, Elk Hair Caddis, Thunderhead, Yellow Parachute Adams or just about any normal Smokies dry fly.  For a nymph I would use a Bead Head Pheasant Tail, Green Weenie, Prince or Tellico.  Get a good drift and stay hidden from the trout.  Enjoy your day.  There is almost no chance for rain this weekend and the temperature is going to be comfortable.  This is perfect camping weather.

I talked to Sheila, our City Recorder yesterday.  I need to sign a site plan and approve restrictive covenants for a subdivision.  We’ll do that on Monday.  Sheila lets me know what is going on in town.  Evidently, a call came in to city hall about a momma bear with two cubs that attacked and killed a lady’s guineas in town.  How does a bear catch a guinea?  They can fly though their range is limited to a few feet.  I will admit, they are not the most intelligent fowl I’ve come across.  We have a neighbor who lets a flock of them free range.  I have to slow down when they are near the road.  I’ve seen several corpses lying on the road in front of their house. 

Our police department was dispatched to the scene as they often are lately due to bear problems.  Ronnie, our Police Chief trapped a rogue bruin two weeks ago.  The bear was re-located to the Cherokee National Forest. If the guineas in Townsend keep disappearing, he might have to capture more bears.  I meant to ask Sheila if there were any good guinea feathers left at the scene.  Guinea feathers make some great trout patterns.  We sell quite a lot of them in the shop. 

The bears in our area missed one important food source this year.  The dry and hot weather was hard on the soft mast.  Berries were not plentiful at all.  I talked to Lisa at the Planning Commission meeting Thursday night.  She runs the Appalachian Bear Rescue center near our house.  Right now she has ten bear cubs.  She said very soon, the bears will move back into the safety of the Park when the acorns and other nuts start dropping to the ground.  We will all be glad when that happens.  Bears have been all over town and surrounding rural areas near the Park.  They can be destructive and scare the heck out of you when they suddenly appear and you don’t expect it.

This is a good weekend to go fishing about anywhere around here.  Try the Park, the tailwaters, the lower rivers for smallmouth bass, the lakes or ponds.  We have been waiting for conditions like this for a long time.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
September 10, 2011

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