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Welcome to the Fishing Report. Fog blanketted the area this morning. It has cleared only to reveal more clouds. Other than that it is a pleasant morning.

This morning is zooming by. I'm trying to get the report done before it gets too late. The vital stats.... Rain fell in the Townsend and Cades Cove areas last night. In our rain gauge we had 0.625 inches. The Smokies weather data showed that Cades Cove received 0.55 inches. I would expect that Abrams Creek would be up a little and maybe have some color to it.
Despite the rain the Little River gauge didn't change much. It is currently reading 1.56 feet or 87 c.f.s. This is almost exactly the normal flow of 85 c.f.s. Water temperatures rose on the gauge yesterday and was 68.4 F this morning. The lower Little River (the section through Townsend and downstream) was muddy this morning. It didn't look as though it was up much, just muddy. In the Smokies, I would think Tremont was off color due to the gravel road. The streams will be clearing. Other sections of the Smokies didn't get the rain. The West Prong of the Little Pigeon, along Newfound Gap Road should be flowing low and clear.

Water levels are low. They are perfectly normal.....but they are low. Stealth is going to be key. Concentrate on the faster water is quantity of fish is your aim. You'll find more feeding fish in that type of water, it is also easier to sneak up on them. If you are hoping for some larger trout, use the low water to your advantage. In the lower water it is easier to see structure in the stream. Take your time and do more looking than casting. Anglers like me tend to rig up and run right down to the stream. Take your time and actually look at the stream before charging forward. I tend to focus on the trout. There is a riffle and a seam....that is where the trout is going to be. Doing this I miss so much. Trout are but one part of an entire ecosystem. On the banks of the stream are plants and flowers. Even moss and lichen on the rocks. There is insects flying around, spiders hiding in the crevices. Salamanders, crayfish, and all other sorts of creatures inhabit the areas that aren't that perfect trout habitat I'm looking for. On that note, many times I don't see those large trout until they run off. They don't necessarily sit in that pretty water. Many times they are in the "junk or dead" water with the muddy bottoms and no flow. As I'm focused on the fast seams I tromp right past the trophy. (for Rob)

Dry fly patterns continue to work well. Stimulators, Parachute Adams, Neversink Caddis, Beetles and Ants. Anglers continue to do good fishing the Green Weenies as a dropper.

Early and late fishing is still the best times. This weekend the weather is supposed to cool down quite a bit. The forecast is call for highs in the 70's. That is going to make for better fishing.

it is September 11 again. People say they can always remember what they were doing when some major event happened. I guess that is really true. The only two major events I can remember in that way are the Challenger Space Shuttle exploding (I was in the assembly hall at elementary school watching it on the school tv) and the plane hitting the first tower in New York (I was at Firestone in Maryville dropping a car off to get an oil change). I guess the human mind fuses these major incidents into our permanent memory as a protective safety system. Kind of like when you burn your hand on the equals hot....don't touch. Ok now I'm off on a bring it back.... Remember those who died and have died or put their lives on the line since. People who play a game for money are NOT heros. Men and women who run into the fire to save others or bravely stand against adversity to protect those who can't, THOSE people are heros. Those are the people we should look up to and respect. Thank you to all of them.

I better get this thing posted. Byron will be back tomorrow so the Report will be more prompt. Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Daniel Drake
September 11, 2013

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