Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is cloudy this morning in Townsend.  Fog is covering the Smoky Mountains. I can’t see any of the big ones.  Only the low hills are visible.  There is some sort of footrace going on in town.  Slender people are walking around waiting for it to begin.  There are orange signs placed on the streets warning drivers to be careful.  Other than that, it is quiet.

We got some rain yesterday and last night.  Two separate storms blew through and dropped 2.25” of rain at the shop.  The lightning caused a delay in the Tennessee vs Oregon football game last night.  There was hardly any wind.  Just lightning, thunder and a ton of rain.  The Airport measured 1.74 inches, which beat a former record for the date of 1.46” in 1922.

Little River is up from normal and discolored in town.  The water level is actually
perfect, though way above normal for this time of year.  Flow is currently 280 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 81 cfs.  Record flow on this date was 425 cfs set in 1974.  The water temperature in town is 68 degrees.

You can bet Jack will be fishing today.  Ross and Joe will probably be on the river too.  Anyone who likes to stalk large browns will be fishing if they can.  This is a good day to do that.  There is plenty of water and some color to it.  The trout will be moving around and feeding.  This is a perfect day.

The road into the Park from Townsend is closed right now due to a fallen tree.  Chuck drove up to check the water clarity in all three prongs but couldn’t get to the confluence.  A ranger told Chuck the road should be open in about an hour.  That would be around 10:30 am.

I would use a heavy rod and fish with something dark, heavy and large if I fished today.  I think a Wooly Bugger, Girdle Bug, Slump Buster or Meat Whistle might be the trick.  The large browns will be loving these conditions.  So will the anglers. You can probably do very well in the smaller streams on nymphs and dry flies.  I would use beetle patterns and Green Weenies.

I tied Meat Whistles last night.  It was my first time to try.  This fly is tied on a 90 degree jig hook.  A bunny strip is used for the tail.  I used Ice Chenille for the body.  Rubber legs are tied in at the eye end of the hook then a cross cut bunny strip forms the collar.  For weight a tungsten cone head is tied and glued in with Goo at the head.  These things look great.  They are killer big trout and smallmouth flies.

The hook is a Gamakatsu nickel plated 90 degree jig hook.  I have some ordered from Gamakatsu to sell in the shop but they didn’t come in Friday.  So, I called Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville.  They had them, actually just one pack.  I fought the traffic yesterday in Pigeon Forge.  It was awful.  Bass Pro was packed with people.  I searched the hook section in the store which is huge.  Couldn’t find them.  A sales associate remembered me calling and I found what I needed. 

I bought the rest of the materials here, went home and started tying.  They are fast to tie.  That’s good because I suspect I’ll lose a lot of them.  They are perfect for bouncing along rock bottoms in streams or lakes.  Really, I think that’s what they are designed for. So, I plan to keep a few dozen in the boat.  The ones I tied last night were Crawdad Orange.  I am going to buy the materials to tie black ones too.  I have high hopes for this fly.  I can’t believe I waited this long to try them.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
September 12, 2010

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