Townsend, Tennessee
September 13, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  The fog is dense, I mean really thick.  I could barely see the flock of turkeys in the field by the barn but they were there.  As I drove slowly through town I saw people standing at intersections in bright orange vests holding orange flags.  I pulled up to the swinging bridge to take the water temperature and there were several people there dressed the same way standing next to a sign that said “Race” with an arrow pointing down the street.  I took the temperature and drove toward the shop.  I saw then drove through the beginning point of some kind of footrace.  I didn’t know anything about it and there’s no reason I should.  I don’t run in those circles.

The river looks great.  It has dropped a couple of inches in the past two days.  Fishing should be fine.  The water temperature is excellent, 64 degrees in town and cooler than that in the Park.  But I have not talked to many anglers.  Yesterday was a home football game day and not many people were fishing.  I did help some people pick out flies and they were mostly terrestrials, Green Weenies and Bead Head Pheasant Tails. 

I have some friends who are on their way to Hazel Creek right now.  They plan to come out on Thursday.  What a great place to spend the week. 

Townsend has a lot of visitors.  Many of them came for the game in Knoxville.  The restaurants are busy this morning.  I bet we will be busy too.  So far September has been way above last year for us.  August was good too.  Things are picking up.

I worked on a direct mail campaign this week to be mailed in the local market only.  I uploaded four full color post cards to Hart Graphics FTP site and I’ll approve the proofs online tomorrow.  Hart Graphics is the only “Certified Green” printing company in Knoxville.  They are certified by four different environmental organizations.  To become Certified is expensive and the company has to qualify every printing job.  The chemicals and paper they use have to be certified.  They went through audits from all four organizations and will have to do that every year.  But, if you get one of our new post cards you will see the Certification Logo on the printed piece and that lets you know that everything that could be done to protect our environment was done.  I feel good about that.

FTP sites are great for uploading and downloading huge files of hundreds of megabytes.  We do it all the time.  We have a full T1 line and Hart Graphics has two.  So even though the files are big, it doesn’t take long.       

Get ready for the “Great Deluge”.  Paula and I are going fishing for 5 days starting tomorrow.  I know, there is only a 40% to 60% chance for thunderstorms each day we’ll be off.  Don’t let that fool you.  I didn’t warn the National Weather Service we were going fishing.  If I had, the chance would be 100% or something closer to that.

I don’t usually warm up to fly fishing products that cost a lot of money. I probably should from a financial point of view but I don’t.  Take Scientific Angler’s Sharkskin fly lines for instance.  They have been available for two or three years and I never owned one until now.  Paula and I bought four at the persistent urging of our customers.  It’s supposed to be the other way around.

My relationship with Fluorocarbon leader and tippet material is similar.  I always use it for saltwater and salmon fishing for its abrasion resistance.  Fluorocarbon is made up of long tiny fibers.  If one or two of them get nicked, the structural integrity of the leader is not significantly affected.  Fluorocarbon is like rip-stop nylon.  A small tear won’t spread.

Nylon leaders on the other hand are extruded into one tapered piece of material.  Nick nylon and the tear will continue to weaken the material.  Now, this is what the experts tell me but I’m not making it up.

There is also the theory that fish do not see fluorocarbon as easily as they see nylon leaders.  I’m afraid I didn’t exactly believe that. 

So, I used fluorocarbon in some situations but if I went fishing in the Park for trout I would use the less expensive nylon.  But things changed recently.

I use nylon leader material, usually 50 pound test to prop and hold items to be photographed for our online catalog.  The camera sees the mono but it is transparent enough that I can easily take it out of the photo in Adobe Photoshop.  I’ve been doing this for years.  I have two posts in the studio that have 50-pound mono stretched between them in several locations and they can be removed easily. 

A couple of weeks ago I was photographing a rain jacket.  That is not a simple task.  The jacket was to be suspended in mid air by about 8 pieces of mono stuck to the subject with clear tape.  I ran out of 50-pound mono.  My spool had about two feet left on it.  I needed about eight feet. So, I grabbed a spool of 50-pound fluorocarbon out of my saltwater fishing box I keep in the closet in my office.  I strung up the jacket took a bunch of photos and guess what?  My camera didn’t see the fluorocarbon, it completely disappeared.

Could it be true that fish may not see the fluorocarbon as well as they can see nylon mono?  I don’t know about the fish but I do know what my camera sees and doesn’t see.  I am now the proud and hopefully prudent owner of many fluorocarbon leaders.  I have no way of knowing if they will help my fishing.  If I catch more fish maybe it was just a good day.  Maybe it’s because the moon phase is half full or half empty.  Maybe it’s because the wind is blowing out of the west instead of the east.  Maybe it’s because I’m more confident.  Or maybe it’s the fluorocarbon. Maybe I'll get skunked despite everything I have in my favor. Who knows.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
September 13, 2009  

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