Townsend, Tennessee
September 15, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report. A pale gray sky greets visitors to Townsend this morning. Isn't September supposed to be the month of cooling temperatures and cloudless blue skies? I guess this is better than hot, humid and miserable. No rain yet today but it looks like it is on the way. So far it doesn't look like anything severe coming. This rain is welcome. Water levels have been dropping so a bit of rain will be a good refresher for the rivers. It is kind of funny. I am talking about the creek levels dropping yet they are still much higher than this time last year.

Byron called yesterday afternoon. They didn't have much success. We have heard mixed reports for fishing in the mountains. I would still concentrate on the higher gradient streams. There aren't that many people fishing right now so you won't have to fight for a place on the river.

This is an exciting time of year and also a time I dread. The Fly Tackle Dealer show was last week out in Denver. The show is when all of the manufacturers that we buy from show off their new products for the next year. We didn't attend. It is too expensive, especially when we have great sales reps who come to visit us here and show us the stuff.
We have already gotten to see some of the new gear for 2010. Chota has new boots and new waders. They have a new low top wet wading shoe that looks great and feels good. It looks so good that you could get done fishing and go into a nice restraunt for dinner. The only thing that would give away the fact that they are fishing shoes would be the wet foot prints.
Sage has a couple of new rod series also. They have replaced the Launch series and revamped the Xi2. The new Xi3 is really an incredible rod. It still has all the power of the old rods but it is lighter and more responsive.
Umpqua has pleanty of new flies as always. My dilema with Umpqua is always where are we going to fit all the new flies I want to order.
I haven't gotten to see any of the new Fishpond products yet but I'm waiting in anticipation. They always come out with great innovative gear.
Next week I am going to Roanoke, VA to a dealer meeting for Orvis. They have 80 or 90 new products. Orvis has a new rod line called the Hydros. It is supposed to have the performance of the Helios rods without the high cost. While up there in VA we are going to take a tour of the Orvis distribution warehouse.
I dread this time of year because it means price changes, order forecasting, website updates......I better stop before I want to go hide. Oh well....It is balanced out by all the new toys.

Thanks for reading the Fishing Report today.

Daniel Drake
September 15, 2009

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