Townsend, Tennessee
September 16, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report. Townsend is gray this morning. It isn't raining here but just as I got to the Park it was raining lightly. Well the weather reports were correct. It did rain yesterday. It didn't rain much at all though. There was barely 0.05 inches in the rain gauge. I wish the weather reports could give more info than just 50% chance of showers. 50% chance of what kind of showers? Yesterday it rained...but it rained so little that you didn't even need a rain coat. If they could just give us a more general idea of how the rain would be. 50% chance of heavy rain. 90% chance of drizzle. These are things we could work with. Forecasts we can plan a trip around. Weather is fickle...and I don't really envy the meteorologists. We are seldom happy with a forecast, especially if it differs slightly from what we are told.
That was a long tirade. Sorry, the coffee must have kicked in. On to the Report!

I drove up into the Park this morning because when I checked the streamflow gauge online it is reading Sept 14. The graph has been spotty also. In the name of accuracy I decided to go to the source. It was raining a little as I passed the Park boundary. The gauge ended up reading the same as it is online. The trace of rain we got yesterday didn't have any impact on the streams. Water levels still look great for this time of year. The Little River just downstream of the "Y" was running clear. Water temps are cool also.
Someone asked me yesterday about wet wading. I had to give him a non-answer. It depends. I fished the other morning and I wore my waders and was comfortable. Cool overcast days with some humidity tend to cool me down quick so I usually have on a long sleeve shirt. If I was fishing in the afternoon and the sun was out I would still be wet wading. I enjoy wet wading. It just seems like less hassle to put on my Korkers shoes and jump in. Waders have some advantages though...less worry about poison ivy and snakes. If you are heading out early in the day and you think you want to wet wade, consider a light fleece vest. If you keep you core warm your limbs take care of themselves.

Yesterday was slow here at the Shop. We didn't talk to too many people who were fishing. Overcast days like we are experiencing can make for some great fishing. The days are getting shorter and the brown trout should start becoming more active. Cloud cover can lure them out of their diurnal lairs.

Terrestrial patterns continue to work well. Rain can make that even better as showers knock ants and beetles off leaves and into the streams. Small attractor dry fly patterns can be effective also. #16-#18 Parachute Adams, small Thunderheads, Royal Wulff etc. With higher than normal water levels for this time of the year don't rule out nymphs.

Thanks for reading the Fishing Report today. If you head to the mountains today pack a rain jacket!

Daniel Drake
September 16, 2009   

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