Townsend, Tennessee
September 18, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report. We got a bit of a downpour here at the Shop yesterday afternoon. An inch of rain fell in just a couple of hours. The weather report from the Park showed that not much rain fell in the higher elevations.

I drove into the Park to check on the streams this morning. West Prong of Little River was flowing at a good level and had just a little bit of color to the water. The Middle Prong of Little River (Tremont) was flowing at a normal level and was pretty much clear in the shallower water. You'll find more color in the deeper pools. The Little River was up some from yesterday but still at a good level. The water was very off color but it wasn't really muddy. It should clear as the day goes on.

The Little River Streamflow gauge still isn't working. The USGS knows about the problem and they had a guy out working on it this morning. He was not sure what the issue is but he was going to try to get it working again.

The weather forecast is still calling for showers all weekend. If there is any knowledge we can take away from this last week it is that it will rain...but how much and where is the ultimate mystery. If you head to the mountains this weekend pack your rain jacket along. As long as the water levels don't rise too high, which isn't too likely, fishing ought to be pretty good. Keep a close eye on water levels. If you start seeing sticks and debris coming down the river it is time to head for the truck.

Terrestrial patterns continue to work well. Rain can make that even better as showers knock ants and beetles off leaves and into the streams. Small attractor dry fly patterns can be effective also. #16-#18 Parachute Adams, small Thunderheads, Royal Wulff etc. With higher than normal water levels for this time of the year don't rule out nymphs.

Randy Hamilton, our Fishpond rep., emailed over the new pricelist and order form for Fishpond. It was not a short list. Fishpond has quite a few new items and even more changes to existing items. All I have seen so far is names on a list so I don't know what any of the new items look like. One that I am excited to see is a new vest they have called the Flint Hills Vest. It sounds like it will be a simple little vest but the price will only be $89.00. Most of the birghter colors are going away which I'm not too sure about. I always thought some of the brighter colors looked really nice. They sold well for us. I guess ultimately the figures win out and the bright colors must not have been pulling their weight.

Looking out the window the clouds are breaking up, then reforming. I think we will be in for another day of mixed weather. Byron is back at the helm tomorrow. Thanks for reading the Fishing Report today.

Daniel Drake
September 18, 2009


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