Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  The sky is blue and the sun is rising in Townsend.  It was warmer this morning.  What happened to Fall?  There was plenty of traffic yesterday.  Lots of people were visiting the Smokies and our town until the football game started.  I planned to go fishing after work but we ended up staying here late taking care of customers.  Maybe I will go today.

Little River is flowing at normal.  I say that because the flow right now is 70 cubic feet per second.  Median flow for this date based on 46 years of data is 70 cubic feet per second.  That’s pretty darned close.  The water temperature was 64 degrees, up a tick or two from what it has been lately.  The water is clear and the river is of course, beautiful.

Fishing should be fine.  We do have bright sun to deal with today.  Actually, if it had been overcast last night I would have gone fishing anyway.  So, today you should concentrate your fishing activity in shaded areas of the streams.  You might want to choose a small one in the backcountry.  We have rain and clouds in the forecast starting tomorrow.  I love that.  Those are fishing conditions.

Choose a nymph or choose a dry.  My pick tonight would be a Neversink Caddis for the dry.  I would choose the Green Weenie for the subsurface fly. 

Stay hidden from the trout.  They are nervous right now.  Though the water level is normal it is still low compared to Spring.  The trout you catch will probably be in the broken water where they are seeking cover.

I spent the day, yesterday working on a Tiemco hook order.  All day?  Yep.  What I’m ordering is next year’s hooks.  I poured over reports finding out which hooks sell best.  Want to know what they are?  The TMC 100 #16 is at the top of the list.  It is a standard dry fly hook.  No, wait a minute, the 2487 #18 beat the 100 #16.  I think that is the best seller.  The 2487 #20 tied with the TMC 100 #16. 

So why go to all this trouble checking out each hook’s sales history over different periods of time? I placed orders yesterday for 12 shipments next year.  For going to all that trouble, we get a discount of 17.5% off wholesale.  Raz Reid, our Umpqua sales rep has said several times that we are the largest hook dealer in his region, which is the Southeast United States.  And Bruce Olson, Sales Manager at Umpqua told me last year we were in the their top ten in the Country.  So, I guess we sell a lot of hooks.

Umpqua has some new less expensive hooks than the TMCs.  I ordered them too.  They will trickle in during two shipments, one in October and one in November.  So, yesterday was the hook day.  The order was e-mailed to Raz late yesterday afternoon.

There is a good article on the KnoxNews website about the toronado that hit the Smokies in April.  I know many of you live far away from here and you may not know about this rare event.  Herb and I drove the boat up Abrams Creek and saw the destruction a month ago.  It seemed that tornado moved from side to side destroying the left bank for a while, then the right bank.  You can read the story BY CLICKING HERE.

I’ve been following the Dakota Meyer story for a week.  Early this morning I found a great new article about this fine American.  CLICK HERE TO READ IT.  Sgt Dakota, who is a real hero, is one reason that makes me proud to be an American.  So many of our military personnel have lost their lives or been wounded in the Iraq/Afghanistan wars.  Dakota lived to tell about it.  Reading this story, which is extremely well written will inspire you.  You will have a better day because of it.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
September 18, 2011 

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Our fly fishing classes will be offered from March to October 2011.   To sign up just call the shop at 877-448-3474.  You can read more on our website in the Schools Section.  The fly fishing class schedule follows:

Saturday September 24 – Beginner Day One
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Saturday October 8 – Beginner Day One
Saturday October 22 – Beginner Day One
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