Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report. Fall arrives today. Atleast on the calendar it does. It is still forecast to be in the 90's for the next few days. There are some scattered rain showers moving through the area this morning but they don't appear as though they will amount to much of anything. We could use some rain. The rivers are getting low. Thankfully the night time temperatures have cooled down which has helped the fishing greatly. The clouds are supposed to move out today leaving us with clear skies for the end of the week. Chances of rain and thunderstorms pop up again for the weekend and the temperature is suposed to drop some. I wouldn't let marginal chances for rain deter you from hitting the water this weekend.

It has been slow here at the Shop. I guess it is just a result of the time of year. The nice thing about things being slow is that there are less people on the stream. Fishing has been pretty good. Take advantage of the calm.

Paula emailed yesterday to give an update on their fishing. They were catching some fast striking bluegill on black poppers. Taking the boat out they found a big mud flat full of carp. It sounded like they were having a good time hooking and fighting the carp but weren't able to get any to the boat. They may not have been trying to hard to get the fish in.

Fishing ought to be good in the mountains today. The overcast conditions will make sneaking up on the trout easier. Small parachute adams or a small stimulator would be a good dry pattern to try. Bee and Yellowjacket patterns have been working well for some people also.
Continue concentrating on the faster moving water. Higher elevations have still been some of the best fishing but fishing quality is improving in lower elevation streams.

Facebook logoHow many of you use Facebook? Paula set up a page for the Shop awhile ago but we haven't utilized it much. I mostly just look and read on Facebook. I know for the Shop it will never replace the website and this fishing report, but I think it can be a quick and easy addition to the things we are already doing. One nice feature that it has is the ability for people to post their own fishing pictures. We can also use it for quick additions and updates such as possible road closures in the National Park and things like that. For me Facebook is nice because I get updates and fishing reports from some of the local guides like Clay Aalders and Sean McKay. If you get the chance stop by Little River Outfitters Facebook page and LIKE it.

Back to the Preseason orders... Have a great day.  Thanks for reading the Fishing report!

Daniel Drake
September 22, 2010

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