Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Fishing Report from the Great Smoky Mountains. A dense fog is giving way to a bright blue sky. Enjoy it while it lasts, they are calling for rain starting tonite.

It most definitely feels as though Fall is here. The air is cool, the days are getting shorter. This morning when I checked the site that gives weather data for Great Smoky Mountains National Park it showed Mt LeConte had a low temperature of 33 F on Monday. That is chilly. We are WAY above normal for the rainfall this year, almost 20 inches. It seems like it has been a cooler year than normal too. I didn't look up any info on that...but I definitely like not having endless weeks of upper 90 degree weather.

The streams of the Little River drainage look fantastic. The gauge is reading 1.98 feet or 201 c.f.s. This is quite a bit higher than the daily normal of 81 c.f.s. This level is an excellent fishing level. Water temperature is great also at 59.7 F. The streams are flowing clear.

Fishing has been good and should only get better as we get into Fall. Terrestrials and dry flies continue to fish well. Nymphs fished alone or as droppers can be a great way to go, especially with this higher water.

We have been slow and busy all at once. It is normal this time of year to not see as many anglers and tourists coming into the Shop. This is preseason time for Byron and me. Trying to get new price lists made and making those big decisions on how much buying to commit to. I think everyone here is VERY optomistic about next year. We are making many changes that are going to improve the Shop. Some of these remodeling the sales floor are going to look very chaotic at times but will come out good in the end. So bear with us if you come in and see bare walls or large expanses of empty floor. We are just shuffeling things to make a better experience when it is complete.
On department that you won't be seeing empty walls is the new Fly Rod Department. I placed an order the other day for a bunch of Orvis rods. They should be arriving in a few days. There was a lot of Clearwater rods on the order. These are excellent rods at just under $200. They are very comparable to the TFO rods.

Well speaking of re-arranging things... I better wrap this up and go get started. Rain is coming in later and tomorrow. Fishing should be excellent today. If you head out tomorrow check water flows.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Daniel Drake
September 24, 2013  

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