Townsend, Tennessee
September 28, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is overcast, really dark and it’s warm.  Actually it is muggy.  The wind is howling.  A cold front is moving in.  This morning I noticed a few beetles and some bugs I could not identify on the hood of my truck.  I guess the wind blew them out of the trees.  Keep that in mind if you go fishing today.  The Weather Service says we’ll get down to 47 degrees tonight.

Little River has dropped to what looked to be a couple of feet since yesterday morning.  Actually I looked at the numbers and it dropped a little over one foot.  The water has cleared some but there is some color to it.  And, even though the air is warm and muggy in the valley the water temperature dropped another 2 degrees since yesterday morning.  It is 60 degrees here in town.  That puts it at 58 degrees or below in the mid-elevation streams.  Perfect!  I consider 58 degrees the mark.  The spring creek that runs through our property behind the house stays right around 58 degrees all year.  Back in the years I was feeding the trout they grew huge in a short period of time.  They ate all year long.  The largest rainbow caught out of the stream that I actually saw was 22 inches. 

The streams are still high so be careful if you fish today.  The larger streams are running strong and wading in them could be dangerous.  Stay near shore and watch your step.  The smaller streams can be treacherous too.  We still have a lot of water.  That will change in a day or so.

Fishing conditions are improving fast.  It is seldom we have this much water in September and the cooler water temperature is going to cause the trout to be active and feed.  This should be an excellent week to fish.  I looked back at 2007 and the flow at the “Y” in Little River on this date was 20 cubic feet per second.  Today it is 869 cfs. 

I would use streamers and large nymphs.  You might do well with big foam terrestrials today.  Try a black Chernobyl Ant.  You might try a black Stealth Bomber.  The big trout will feel more secure and could be out of their protective lies.  You can get away with heavier tippet right now.  If I didn’t have the Little River Journal to prepare for e-mail I’d be fishing today.

I think I would stay off the lakes.  Winds will be gusting to 25 miles per hour.  I Googled Lake Warning East Tennessee and found the video footage of the plane crashing in Melton Hill Lake this summer.  The language was not something a child should listen to.  That was a sad thing.  The two people who died were at a wedding party at a home on the lake.  I think one of the guys who died was the Father of the groom.  I know some people who knew them.  Now I’m bummed out.

Fishing on the lakes is picking up.  Ted said he is meeting Roy at 5:00 am tomorrow morning.  Wish I could go.  We’ll be going next week or maybe later this week. 

Rick and Gracie Murphrey came by yesterday.  It was good to see them.  I’ve known Rick for 30 years.  He is on the National Board of Trout Unlimited.  Sixteen years ago Rick was President of the Great Smoky Mountains Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  I was a member of that Chapter.  We decided to break off some of the membership and start a new Chapter to work with the Park.  Rick, the GSMC board and I worked together on the project.  Bill Guinn who was Chairman of the Tennessee Council came up with the idea.  Since I lived here I was in charge.  We did it, we were the first TU Chapter to work with a National Park and we called ourselves the Little River Chapter.  I served as President for the first 2 ½ years.  Those were fun times and I made some very close friends during that period and still do today due to that Trout Unlimited point in history.  I met Rick at a TU meeting when he was President of the newly formed Bluegrass Chapter in Lexington, Kentucky.  So, I guess I’ve been a member over 30 years.  My Brook Trout TU license plate is number 0036.  His is 0004.  He got his check in before I did.

I can probably thank Trout Unlimited for us getting into the fly fishing business.  I know I can thank TU for a lot of my best friends.  It’s not too late to join.  TU is still excepting memberships.


Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
September 28, 2009

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