Townsend, Tennessee
October 5, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is cloudy and warmer this morning in the Smokies.  My truck reported 57 degrees on the way to work.  It rained most of the night.  Though it never rained hard it was constant.  We had .85” in our gauge at the shop.  Wild turkeys, a bunch of them, were feeding in our neighbor’s field.  And the trees down here are starting to turn.  It has come on all at once.  They are not vivid but they are turning.  Leaf peepers will be arriving soon in our town.  We already have quite a few visitors. 

Little River is up a little and the water temperature is 58 degrees this morning.  The river is looking as good as it gets.  I’m looking forward to the leaf turn with plenty of water.  That will make for some great photography for the website. 

Fishing is OK.  I have not heard any great reports.  Maybe it’s the moon.  Trout are taking dries and nymphs.  If you subscribe to the Little River Journal it is in your in-box.  Check out Steve Yates’ October X Caddis.  Now that would be a good pattern to be using right now.  Terrestrials and anything orange or yellow would be good.  Actually the trout should take about anything that looks like food if it is presented well, you don’t spook them and you get a good drift.  The water temperature is perfect.  I would fish the Middle Prong, Elkmont or higher up on the West Prong of the Little Pigeon and it’s tributaries.

I talked to Roy Huskey a few times over the weekend.  Roy is a great guy.  He and Ted Myers were fishing together again.  But, as you probably know if you read the Fishing Report on Saturday or have looked at the Message Board, Ted passed away Friday morning.  He has worked here for a few years, we were good friends and all of us at the shop and our customers are very sad about this.  We will all miss Ted.  It doesn’t seem the same around here.

Roy and I decided yesterday to start fishing together.  He likes to fish on lakes and enjoys launching his boat and fishing alone.  Roy is 89 years old and has fished around here all his life.  Not only is he fun to be around, he is very sharp and nice but imagine what can be learned about fly fishing from a man like that.  He may go with Paula and I this week but we’ll have two boats. 

I started thinking about communications last night.  We fish some remote lakes and there is no cell phone service.  What if something happened on the lake.  How would you reach help.  I’m going to talk to our Police Chief about a radio that can reach the police.  Maybe they monitor a CB radio.  They used to during the CB craze.  Or maybe the best answer is to buy a Spot.  I will be wild boar hunting in a couple of weeks in the middle of nowhere.  We will have two way radios and I’ll have friends within radio range.  So, that doesn’t worry me.  But, if your boat sinks on a deserted body of water in the mountains of North Carolina who’s gonna know? 

I have a Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting today.  After that I’m going to Dicks Sporting Goods to buy a bunch of blaze orange clothing and some 30-30 caliber cartridges for the boar hunt.  This is a bear hunt too though I don’t care a thing about shooting a bear. 

My primary goal is to get through the weekend without getting shot myself or shooting someone else.   Second would be not having the hounds run a bear right on top of me. I like bears just fine from a distance.  I might get scratched by those big sharp claws if one ran over me.  Then third I would like to shoot a boar.  I’ve wanted to do that all my life.

Walter Babb told me Saturday that shooting a boar was a big mistake for him.  He and a friend were miles from a road.  They had to cut a tree with a hatchet, tie the boar’s legs together around the tree and carry that 175 pound pig out of the wilderness.  He shot it at 3:00 in the afternoon and it was 11:00 at night before they got back to the truck.  That is a lot of work for a couple of hams, bacon and sausage.  I hope these guys I’m hunting with put me near a road.

The rainfall numbers are not available from the Knoxville Airport today. 

For those of you who would like to pay your last respects to Ted Myers the link below is his obituary in the Mountain Press. 

Byron Begley
October 5, 2009

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