Townsend, Tennessee
October 6, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is cloudy and fairly warm in Townsend this morning.  The fog was thick earlier but it has all but disappeared and the mountains are now visible.  I saw a lot of wild turkeys this morning out in the fields grazing on something, probably grasshoppers. 

Little River dropped some since yesterday morning.  The water temperature in town was 58 degrees earlier. 

Fishing is good.  Brian Courtney went yesterday morning around 10:00.  He came back to the shop to eat lunch then went back out again.  He said the fishing was great.  He caught 7 trout standing in one spot.  That’s kind of unusual.  And, when he reached new water it took about three casts before he got a strike. He said it was almost like they had to see the fly several times before they took it.  That is an unusual day of fishing indeed.  I don’t know where he was fishing but my guess would be the West Prong of Little River.

I would say Brian was using a Green Weenie.  That would be a good choice.  Beetles and ants would work too.  I would have an orange caddis or Orange Palmer in the box. 

Your National Weather Service says there is a 90% chance for thunderstorms tonight.  Those are pretty good odds we’ll get some more rain.  And guess what?  Paula and I are going fishing on Thursday and the chance for rain is zero.  That hasn’t happened all year.

The leaves are changing fast folks.  Now I can see some color in the mountains from a distance.  Peak season in the valley is a long way off.  But it’s coming. 

Fishing is picking up on the lakes. Paula and I are going to fish on one or two of them Thursday and Friday.  Uh Oh, your National Weather Service is reporting an East wind on Thursday.  Dang, I hate an East wind.  That’s almost as bad as a full moon.  The moon is pretty full too.  Well, if we get skunked we’ll have some good excuses.

I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods yesterday and got decked out in blaze orange everything you can think of for the bear and boar hunt.  They were out of 30-30 caliber ammunition.  The man said that is the most popular caliber here and they never know when there will be more in stock.  I did find three boxes of cartridges at Walmart.  I only bought two.  I’ll have enough ammo to shoot 40 wild boar weekend after next if I don’t miss one.  Heck, I’ll be happy if I only kill twenty. 

I’m going to let the bears go by.  To me they are too cute to shoot unless they are going to eat you.  If it appears that is going to happen I’ll empty the rifle on it and then pull my pistol.  I won’t go down without a lot of lead flying.  And if I have to resort to my hunting knife as my last hope I’ll do that.  That reminds me, I need to buy a hunting knife. 

Thank goodness we don’t have grizzlies here.  They scare the heck out of me.  Every time I fish in Yellowstone I’ve always got a tree spotted, one that I can run to and climb.  I’ve read too many stories about men who shot a grizzly, wounded it and then was attacked by the animal and killed.  The black bears we have here will attack a person and in one case a lady was killed a few years ago.  But both are rare.

Well, get out there and go fishing.  We’ve all been waiting for Fall and it is here.  Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
October 6, 2009

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