Townsend, Tennessee
October 11, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report. Right now it is cloudy with some fog hovering over the larger mountains.  Yesterday the larger mountains were never within my view.  Fog covered them all day.  Wildlife is active.  The elk and deer are in the rut season,  the brown trout are thinking about it, bears are on the move looking for food and the wild turkeys are hanging around in large flocks. 

Our bear and elk populations are very high this year.  Biologists believe both species are at their highest density for decades.  Elk were re-introduced early this decade.  The herd is finally doing well and growing in numbers.  Some of the elk have moved to other areas of the Park and stayed.  I bet they will find Cades Cove soon and start a new herd there.

According to biologists the wild boar population has exploded all over East Tennessee.  Hunters are asked by TWRA to shoot as many as you can.  There are not limits and the season is open year round.  I’m hoping to harvest one next weekend.    

It is Fall.  The trees are changing colors and they look healthy because of the large amounts of rainfall we’ve had this year. 

Fishing should be good.  Little River has plenty of flow, way above normal for this date.  Currently at the “Y” the flow is recorded at 230 cubic feet per second.  Normal for this date is 69 cfs and the record low was 18 cfs in 2008.

Some people are having a hard time fishing the higher water.  Others are doing extremely well.  I think those who are doing best are using large nymphs and fishing deep.  Up in the higher elevations the fishing has been good for brook trout.  Dry flies, either terrestrial or aquatic should work fine in the right situations.  Fishing should be fine all day long for a few days because of the cloud cover.  There may be some sunny times today.  I would look for shady areas if the sun pops out.

I’m working on a plan to plant trees at the shop.  My goal is to shade the parking lot and make customers more comfortable and feel more like they are in the woods.  The trees will also shade the building and help our cooling costs.

We will need to drill a well, I’m working with a professional landscape architect and most of the drawings and images for the plan will be done by me.  We will have to jackhammer up a few parking spots, dig out the pug and gravel then replace that with top soil.  I also plan to add a sidewalk down the front of the property. This is a long term plan.

I took some photographs of the shop yesterday, standing on a ladder across the street.  It was cloudy so the photos didn’t turn out great but they will work.  I’ll take better ones later.  Then, in Adobe Photoshop I added some trees in specific locations to see how the property would look with mature trees.  The building will not be as visible and we’ll probably need to work with the City to get a sign at the entrance.  The difference in the two photos below is significant.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
October 11, 2009


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