Townsend, Tennessee
October 12, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report. It is overcast, foggy and cool this morning in the Smokies.  The temperature last night dropped to 35 degrees at Newfound Gap.  The mountains are dotted with color from the trees going through their Fall change.  We are not at Peak in the valley or up to 3,200 feet elevation but it’s coming on fast.  Nonetheless, it is a beautiful time to be here and it’s only going to get better.

It is going to rain today or at least there is a 90% chance.  Little River is gushing with water.  Some people would consider it high, to me it’s the way I like it.  Looking out this week at the weather forecast it appears we are going to get plenty of rain.  It’s going to get cooler too.  They are predicting a low Saturday of 39 degrees in the valley, it will be much colder in the mountains.

Fishing should be excellent.  The conditions are good right now.  The water temperature is 58 degrees in town.  A lot of rain could change that.  One weather website thinks we may get an inch of rain today.

I would fish the Smokies using big nymphs, without a strike indicator and let them tickle the bottom.  There will be very little sunshine this week if any.  So fish all day long.  Fishing might even be better at mid-day.  The brown trout and brookies are in the pre-spawn mode.  Anglers who have ventured up high are telling me the brook trout are in beautiful spawning colors.  Anglers are reporting browns in the 14” to 20+ inches being caught.  They are out and milling around trying to bristle up and look bigger to their brothers and cousins.

Nature is in transition.  I noticed a ton of acorns on the ground this morning.  They will be scarfed up by squirrels, bears, deer, wild hogs and turkeys.  The leaves are falling and many of the trees are changing colors.  It looks dreary outside and there is a chill in the air.  Soon, trout in the lakes will be gathering at the creek mouths where they will eventually enter and spawn.  Elk and deer in the Park are actively seeking mates. 

Here comes the rain.  The weekend looks good.  I’ll be boar hunting in the Cherokee National Forest with some friends from Nashville.  Though we have a chance for rain on Saturday the temperatures will be good for hunting with hounds.  With lows in the 30’s and highs in the 50’s the dogs should be able to stay on the scent. 

Scott asked me the other day in an e-mail if I had a hand-held marine radio.  Evidently that’s what they use when they go hunting to communicate with each other.  I do have two of them that we use in Florida but I didn’t know people around here used them.  I keep one in the boat when we fish here but I never expected to use it.  I bought the two we have for sea kayaking.  They come in handy if you need to talk to someone from the Coast Guard.  I’ll be interested to find out why they use marine radios instead of the two way radios we normally use to hunt.

Yesterday I finally finished our new Chota department on the Online Catalog.  I did all the photography and with our agreement with the company the images belong to them.  They will distribute the photos to their other dealers.  It was a big job, much more time consuming than I expected.  Probably, because I know Chota will be using them and so will their dealers I took more time than I would have just for us.  Taking the photos is the easy part except for the rain jacket and vests.  The time consuming part is removing the background from the photo and leaving the product.  I also shot a lot of different angles in case they need something different from what I would use.

The other hard part is color correction.  My computer monitor is dead on perfect.  So I lay the product next to it and start adding color, reducing or adding hue or saturation and changing the brightness and contrast.

I’m glad to have this finished. If you want to see it CLICK HERE. Chota has a lot of new cool stuff. Check it out.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
October 12, 2009  

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