Townsend, Tennessee
October 14, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report from Townsend, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains.  We are fogged in, soggy and tired of the dark skies.  I can’t see one mountain from here.  Even the small ones are obscured by fog.  And they say it is going to be that way for a while.  There will be clouds and rain every day this week though the chance diminishes as the week rolls on.  Little River is rising every so slightly.  We are not expecting heavy rain just continuous showers.  So, flooding probably won’t be an issue. 

Last year at this time Little River was flowing at 17 cubic feet per second.  It maintained that flow for quite some time.  Today the flow is 217 cfs.  Normal is 71 cfs for this date.  What a difference a couple of hundred cfs makes.  The river looks great.

Fishing is good too.  If you are not catching trout now you might be doing something wrong.  Maybe you are not being careful and they see you.  Maybe you are not getting a good drift.  Maybe someone is fishing ahead of you.  Or maybe they just are not feeding at that particular time.  They will feed sometime during the day.  With the overcast conditions it might be best right smack dab in the middle of the day.  But they are going to eat.

Fly patterns right now are not of major importance compared to presentation and drift.  People are using a lot of different patterns and doing well.  If I had to say what I would use today it would probably be a Orange Palmer, Orange Stimulator, Black Foam Beetle, Prince Nymph, Bead Head Pheasant Tail or Green Weenie.  I might use a black Girdle Bug. 

Bears are out during the day and very active.  One guy I talked to yesterday saw 13 in one day.  Another fellow saw three.  Those animals are gorging themselves on their fall food sources that are very plentiful this year.  They are healthy and will do well this winter, which means the population still grows.  They estimate the population in the Park to be around 1,500 animals or approximately 1 per 333 acres.  Unfortunately the wild boar population is booming too along with the coyotes. We don’t see wild boar at our house.  We do see bear and coyotes.

I went to a shooting range yesterday to sign up for a carry permit class.  The range is indoors.  Targets are attached to a mechanical cable system to move them close or further away from the shooter.  There were several shooting stations.  They asked if I wanted to join and come there to shoot.  Since we live in the County on several acres I told them I can practice shooting at home. 

I later got online and found targets that drop down when you hit them, then spring back up for the next round.  I spent a lot of time on ranges in the Army.  We would shoot fully automatic rifles at human silhouettes, which would do the same thing.

While I was there I bought a new pistol.  It is a Ruger .357 magnum revolver made of stainless steel.  I’ll still have to clean it but I don’t have to worry about rust.  Our police force will be by to check it out I’m sure. The night police crew will see it next time our security alarm goes off. That doesn’t happen very often.  But sometimes we get the call in the middle of the night, Paula and I both drive to the store, the police are here and we all check the building.  In the past it has been a little embarrassing for me.  I’m holding a little .38 snub nose pistol and Paula has her .45 automatic.  Now, I will look a little more authoritative.   

I’m going to ask Ronnie, our Police Chief to give me some pointers on shooting a pistol.  I’ve never been good at it but I have not had any professional training like I have with rifles.  It will be fun to learn to shoot a handgun better.  So, I’m going to set up a range and start doing it.  I guess soon I’ll do it before I come to work.  Or maybe I could light the target and do it after work.  I bet the neighbors will love that.  Actually they don’t mind.  Our closest neighbor has a shooting range and they shoot after nightfall.  I need to go up there and see their setup.  I bet it is done right.

It was that neighbor who called me yesterday from Knoxville.  Someone was prowling around our neighborhood and his wife encountered the guy and called him.  He called me and asked that I go home and try to find the prowler.  I found him, talked to him, learned he had no business there so the police showed him they way out of Townsend.  When I drove to Maryville to the shooting range I saw the guy walking along the highway.

Strange day.

Have a good one and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
October 14, 2009 

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