Townsend, Tennessee
October 17, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report. Paula here bringing you the fishing report from a very snow like Townsend...low hanging clouds and a cold, fine misty drizzle are giving the first impression of white flakes in the air. Earlier in the week the weather service was actually calling for snow on Sunday, but it appears that chance for wintery precipitation has been removed from the forecast. Darn it.

Daniel and Byron don't give me the opportunity to do the fishing report often; I think they are afraid of what may come off of my, hang on...the ride is about to begin. :)

It will continue to be cold as the day goes on, with a high of 46 degrees and dropping tonight into the mid-thirties. It should be a good night for a big pot of chili and a book by the fire. You'll definitely need it to warm up if you venture out onto the stream today; even if you don't get into the stream, it's going to be wet and cold. And it's the kind of cold that seeps into your bones.

Today will be a tough wade. We didn't have a lot of measurable rainfall, but the river is up around three feet and rolling. It's also stained on all prongs, with the West Prong moving exceptionally fast. The only good news is that the leaf fall that had been cluttering the streams has been blown out by the higher water (this is definitely a "glass half full" comment, by the way).

Once again, you should be very careful wading today and pick smaller streams unless you plan to stay close to the bank.  It might be a good time to strip some streamers along the edges. With the water up and murky, the fish are less wary and are more likely to take hold of a big mouthful of minnow imitation.

Just remember, when the water is up, the fish cannot stay holding in the current. You will find them in the eddy areas along the banks and behind rocks and boulders...give them a big bite of something presented well and they will eat.

Walter and I have been planning a fishing trip for the last 2 months, but we have been thwarted each time we plan it by really high water and horrible conditions... We've decided to put off our trip planned for tomorrow to another day. That is definitely the nice thing about living in the Smokies...just wait a bit and the weather will change. The forecast for the coming week is nice, but colder. Projected highs are in the 60's with overnight lows in the mid-thirties. Sunny days will warm the water and we could see some fall hatch activity. This week could be one of those where a "sick day" needs to be planned. ;)

Thank you for joining us here on the fishing report; thank you for your support. We really appreciate all of you.


Paula Begley
October 17, 2009

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