Townsend, Tennessee
October 20, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report. Somewhere above the pale dun colored blanket of fog the sky is cloudless and blue. The Cow Standing Factor is showing not available this morning, not because they aren't in the field, but because I couldn't even see the field.

Water levels are slowly receding. After a regular rain water levels tend to drop at a fairly quick and regular rate. This time around though the streams rose more slowly and are draining more slowly. Water levels are still up. This morning at 8:30 it was at 2.56 on the gauge. Although this is a fishable level, the streams are still high and can be dangerous to wade. Be very careful if you decide to wade.
Another word of caution for this time of year. Wading in the streams is always dangerous and you have to be careful, but use care even before you get into the water. As leaves begin to fall from the trees and mat up on the banks they can be as slippery and dangerous as the slick stream boulders. Dry leaves and felt boots are a bad mix. Wet or frosted leaves and any boots are a worse mix. Take your time working your way down to the stream. There isn't any rush. The trout will be there.

Despite high water and cool temperatures over the past few days we have been getting some good fishing reports. Many people have been doing well fishing nymphs such as BH Prince, Tellico and Copper Johns. Some dry patterns have been doing well also. Stimulators in orange or yellow have been producing well. Elk Hair Caddis has been good. Parachute Adams and Blue Wing Olives are excellent patterns to have in the box. If you are using a nymph, don't skimp on the split shot. Get the flies to the bottom.

Glenn Allgood, Chuck Kline and I are going to take the long journey across the mountains tomorrow and try some of North Carolina's Delayed Harvest waters. With luck it will be as good as ever. I am just happy to be getting out. If weather forecasts are correct it is even supposed to be a very nice day tomorrow. I'm going to bring my camera along and see if I can get any worthy pics. Carrying the camera along always makes me wade more carefully. I foolishly don't have a waterproof case and I've got a very UN-waterproof camera. So far I've never dunked a camera, hopefully I can keep that streak going.

Byron had a meeting this morning so I got to write the report. The fog still isn't lifting here at the shop, but I suspect that just a mile or so up the road you'll need a good dark pair of sunglasses.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Daniel Drake
October 20, 2009


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