Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  What a beautiful morning in Townsend, Tennessee.  The trees are beautiful in the valley.  You can see from the photo below what it looked like on Lynn Camp Prong Tuesday afternoon.  The mountain streams are spectacular.  Traffic was heavy earlier when I drove to work.  I saw at least 50 vehicles on the road, maybe more than that.  This may not seem like a lot of traffic to you but here, at 8:30 am, that’s a rush-hour madhouse.  Great Smoky Mountains National Park seems to have more visitors this Fall than we’ve seen in a long time.  The numbers will bear that out later.  But that’s the opinion of many people, especially law enforcement officers. Townsend is hopping!

Fishing is very good.  Ethan has been fishing for several days in the Park and he said the dry fly action has been “crazy”.  He told me he’s using an Orange Stimulator and that’s it.  That is all he needs.  More sightings of larger brown trout have been reported.  Most of you know about Lynn Hayes’ encounter with the estimated 30 inch brown on Little River last weekend.  There were several credible and experienced anglers including a guide who verified it was the largest brown they have seen in the Park.  Lynn lost the fish after a 3 or 4-minute fight.  It’s hard to land a big trout like that in a small stream.  Lynn hooked that fish on a nymph I have never heard of.  Even some of my best friends have flies they won’t show me.  If I pressed hard they would.  I would not press hard.  I think they should keep their secret flies to themselves.  It makes for more excitement for them and leaves some mystery to the story.  I show everyone my flies.  But, I have not caught a 30 inch brown trout in the Park either.

So, if you go fishing today I would use an Orange Stimulator and maybe a Girdle Bug.

When I was at Lynn Camp Prong Tuesday to take pictures like the one below, our Cortland sales representative was at the store meeting with Paula and Daniel.  One thing I really wanted to see is the new Diamondback fiberglass fly rod.  Daniel said it looked great.  The sample he saw was a 2 weight.  I’m interested in the 4 weight for warmwater fishing.  I wish they made a 5 and 6 weight but for now the largest is an 8’ 4 weight and a 8 ½’ 4 weight.

I’ve been using a glass rod for a few months.  Mine is an older Scott  7’ 10” 4 weight.  Scott doesn’t make the longer rod now and they cost over $600.  I looked around online the other day to find a replacement for my Scott just in case I have some terrible luck and break it. I couldn’t find anything close to an 8 foot rod.  None of our manufacturers make one.  I know some people around here still fish with glass rods.  I think we could sell this Diamondback.  We’ll get some and see.  The will sell for $300.

We have some great fishing weather ahead of us. Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
October 21, 2010

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