Townsend, Tennessee
October 25, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  The fog is thick in Townsend.  It is 39 degrees.  In Dry Valley where we live just 5 minutes away there was not fog at all when I left home.  As soon as I got to Townsend, there it was.  The mountains are beautiful.  I’m guessing of course because I can’t see past the tree line behind our store.  You should have seen them yesterday.  A mixture of gold and orange peaks replace what was green only a couple of weeks ago.  Townsend is full of leaf lookers.

Little River is flowing strong.  The water temperature is 5 degrees cooler than it was yesterday morning.  It is going to be fairly warm today so I would expect the fishing to be better in the afternoon.  Be careful wading.  If you fell in you could get stuck on the other side of the river and sit there shivering and wondering what to do next.  The streams are not too high to fish, just be careful.

I believe I would start with nymphs, weighted with one or two #6 split shot.  Under these conditions at this time of year you might score a very large brown trout.  Later in the day I would switch to a dry fly and nymph dropper. You will probably catch some leaves.

I was at a campground yesterday afternoon talking to Ronnie, our Police Chief.  His wife owns and manages Ye Old Mill Campground.  It was full of campers.  She has done a great job with that campground.  Everything is spotless and groomed.  The old dam backs up a very large pond.  We could see trout rising in the deep water as we talked.    

You will find the major roads crowded mostly with tourists.  This is prime time in the Smokies.

Interstate 40 is closed just inside the North Carolina border due to a rock slide.  That couldn’t happen at a worse time.  If you are driving to Asheville from here or to here from Asheville you are going to be in for a slow moving detour.

The armed robber who barely escaped our police is still at large.  As I suspected, the various teams moved their search area to our property and areas surrounding it.  This guy is armed and dangerous.  He knows the woods here well.  And he knows there is plenty of good drinking water pouring into the Spring Creek behind our barn.  One of our neighbors called me at work yesterday and told me police and dogs were all over our area.  Our Police Chief verified that yesterday afternoon.  He suspected, like I did, the man they were after would be drawn to our area for many reasons.  Pat, our Mayor came by the shop yesterday morning.  He couldn’t say much.  They are tight with information.  But he told me to be very careful around our house.  Not long after that I found out the search area was moved to where we live. 

Everyone is armed to the hilt.  I’m carrying a .357 magnum revolver and a 12 gauge shotgun to and from work.  Paula has her .45.  Our neighbors are doing the same thing.  I talked to one neighbor who said he felt like he is a hostage in his own home. 

This guy needs a vehicle.  I heard he was convicted once of carjacking.  The search continues today.  At one point 60 officers from various law enforcement agencies were on the ground looking for this guy.  There were supposed to be helicopters helping those on foot and horseback yesterday.  I didn’t see or hear any. Maybe they will get him today.  Until they do we’ll be at home before dark with the security system on.  With the police and swat teams in the area, a 911 call would have them on our doorsteps in minutes.  Once this guy is spotted, they will close in.

I didn’t know this was possible but we have received three telephone warnings from the Sheriffs Department.  Actually they are using the 911 equipment in reverse. They can make a recording, decide which areas to call and push a button.  Every phone listed in that area gets the call.  Evidently it doesn’t work with cell phones so that is one good reason to keep your land line.

Today and tomorrow are going to be sunny and warm.  It’s a good time to hang out in the Smokies.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
October 25, 2009

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