Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is chilly this morning in Townsend, 38 degrees.  Fog is dense too, be careful driving.  That will be gone soon.  Townsend is still busy and the leaf colors are hanging on though tons of leaves have been blow off the trees.  Yesterday was beautiful.  The high was 60 degrees and the leaf colors in the lower elevations were spectacular.  That should hold true all weekend. 

Little River looks perfect.  The flow is 265 cubic feet per second compared to normal of 77 cfs.  For fishing purposes, 265 is much better than 77.  The water is chill though.  At the swinging bridge my thermometer read 48 degrees at 8:30 am.  The water will warm up today as the high temperature is supposed to be near 70 in the valley.  Fishing should be fine.  Nymphs or dry flies are working.  We’re still recommending an Orange Stimulator in a size #14 or #16.  For Nymphs I would choose a Girdle Bug, Bead head Pheasant Tail, Prince, Copper John and many others.  With the higher than normal water you will find the trout more scattered as there are now more appropriate holding lies to hide from predators and catch food as it drifts by.

Paula and I fished on the lake yesterday.  The water temperature was 58 degrees all day.  The water was clear too.  At one point our depth finder indicated we were in 12 feet of water and we could see the bottom.  Fishing was not good.  We got on the lake late in the morning and left early afternoon.  We spent most of the time later just cruising the lake looking at the colorful scenery. 

We were in an embayment and I saw what looked like a brown kayak moving into another creek.  It disappeared.  But as we got closer it appeared again.  It was not a kayak.  It was four deer swimming in about 14 feet of water.  Their heads were all turned our way.  The last one had a nice set of antlers.  They swam around a corner and we didn’t see them again. We had a relaxing day off.

We held a town meeting Thursday night at the Townsend Elementary School Cafeteria. I was the facilitator and the discussion was about how the City should handle the right-of-way issue with the Tennessee Department of Transportation.  I had the discussion broken down into five components:  Land Survey Discrepancies, Encroachment Settlement, Possible Use of Remaining ROW, I Want To Buy More Land and City Leasing Remaining ROW. 

I forgot to count how many people showed up.  Paula asked me when I got home and I guessed maybe 75 to 100.  I really don’t know, I was concentrating on what was said.  We are going to cover all five topics in three town meetings with two more scheduled in November and December.  We didn’t get through the second one because a lot of people had questions.  We still don’t know all the implications of our dilemma.  I learned of some new implications Thursday night.  What the City Commission decides to do affects a lot of people and business owners.  This needs to be done publicly and done right. 

I thought the meeting went well.  Several citizens thanked me for doing it.  One business person asked a question but began by thanking me for standing up and taking shots.  I told him I was glad to do it and I never felt anyone was actually taking shots at me personally. I’m pretty comfortable in situations like that.  Building a consensus is interesting to me.  I’m surprised the meeting was not mentioned in the Daily Times.  Maybe it will be tomorrow. 

Enjoy this beautiful fall weather.  Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
October 30, 2010

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