Townsend, Tennessee
November 3, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is cool this morning, 42 degrees.  The sun is shining and melting some small areas of frost.  The frost was widely scattered.  It should be more prevalent tomorrow morning.  Little River looked nice this morning.  The water temperature in town is 50 degrees.  The water is clear but high.

“The mountains are turning brown”.  That’s what a professional photography told me yesterday.  I looked out the window and sure enough, she was right.  It happened almost overnight.  What we are seeing from here are peaks up to about 3,000 feet.  Townsend appeared to be lacking of visitors this morning.

The huge rock slide on Interstate 40,  not far across the North Carolina and Tennessee border is going to cause some problems for travelers for about three months.  I planned to drive to Asheville Saturday to attend a fly fishing show.  I think I’ll stay here now.  I guess I could drive over to Cherokee and then to Waynesville to avoid the Interstate closure. But I’m wondering what traffic will be like taking that route.  It’s not worth the chance.  I have plenty to do here.

The rivers and streams are loaded with water.  You should watch your step when wading and don’t take any chances.  The current is still strong.  We’ve been slow here at the shop.  The high water has kept fishermen at home.  If you do go, you are going to have some interesting choices to make.  A dry fly won’t get hung up in the leaves as much.  But a nymph fished deep would still be my choice.  Yesterday I took a walk around town.  I walked to the bank to make a deposit then strolled along the river.  I stopped at the swinging bridge that is close to our store and walked out on it.  As I peered into the river I could see the bottom.  There were leaves mixed in with the water, a constant scattered mass of them passing under me. 

Little River has been stocked in town.  TWRA curtails stocking during the summer when water temperatures exceed the trout’s limit.  Then the begin stocking again in the Fall.  Michael Talley, who lives on the river brought Paula and I a smoked trout yesterday.  He said he caught a limit, two days in a row and smoked them all.  He was catching some nice trout too.  The one he brought us was about 14” long.  What he is catching are all recently stocked rainbow trout.

The November issue of the Little River Journal is ready to e-mail.  You will get yours sometime today.  It’s not too late to sign up.  Go to the bottom of this page and do it.  If you have signed up you don’t have to do it again.

I’m thinking about doing something special in the December issue.  The Journal is one year old, the November issue is #12.  I might do a “Greatest Hits” or “Best Of” in December.

It’s time to drain the crankcase oil in your outboard motors.  If there is some water in there and it freezes you could have a cracked housing which is a very expensive repair.  That happened to me once.  I’ll probably do it tonight. 

Have a great day.  It is a beautiful one.  And, thank you for being with us today.

Byron Begley
November 3, 2009 


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