Townsend, Tennessee
November 4, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny and frosty.  The frost is scattered not one that is covering everything on the ground or the rooftops.  There was a little frost on the shop roof.  The mountains are turning brown.  Once the leaves drop completely the mountians will be a dark gray.  The sun is shining and we’ll see that every day for a while.  There is no rain in the forecast until next Wednesday.  Highs will be in the high 50’s to mid and upper 60’s throughout that period.  Lows will be in the 30’s to high 40’s.  This is going to be a perfect time to get outside.  This is definitely hiking weather.  I hope to hike up Lynn Camp Prong this week and look at the brook trout. 

Little River is beautiful but the water is high and cool.  Even with a week of “no rain” it is going to take some time for the water to drop.  The flow is currently 470 cubic feet per second.  Normal is 108 cfs.  You can certainly fish just be careful wading.  The water temperature is 48 degrees in town. 

If you go fishing today wait until the warms up some.  Dry flies might work.  Blue wing olives could be hatching.  I think nymphs would do best.  You are going to think it is Spring when you see the water level.  You are going to have the Park pretty much to yourself.  Traffic has dropped off considerably.  I guess leaf looking season is over.  It is very quiet around town.

The Little River Journal went out yesterday.  I’m glad to have that task behind me.  This was a great issue.  I looked at the numbers this morning and a lot of people clicked on the boar and bear hunting photos.  I guess it was something very different to find in the Journal.  If you have not subscribed you can do it near the top of this page.  Just type in your e-mail address in the box and hit “GO”.  You will get the December issue when it comes out then every issue after that.  If you want to see back issues CLICK HERE.  The Journal is Free and it is interesting reading.  It is a good idea to open the web version by clicking near the top of the Journal page and save it as a favorite.  Then you can read it at your leisure.

I called the Mercury Outboard dealer yesterday for some information.  I’m getting the boat ready for winter.  If you burn fuel with Ethanol your gas tank and fuel system including the carburetor may give you some problems come spring. They say it is safe to store your Ethanol fuel for up to two months before it starts breaking down After talking to the tech rep I drove by Walmart yesterday and picked up a product called Stabil Marine Fuel Stabilizer.  1 ounce of this stuff will treat 2.5 gallons of fuel.  Without stabilization, your fuel will separate causing lots of problems..  He told me to run the mixture through the engine for a few minutes.  Of course don’t forget to hook up the water hose to the intake on your motor. The guy at the dealership recommended I use straight 100% gasoline.  I told him I had no idea where to buy it around here.  When I was driving into Maryville, on this side of town is a gas station.  They had a big sign on the road that read “100% Gasoline”.  

While I was at Walmart I found some .357 magnum cartridges which I had been looking for.  That certainly made the trip worthwhile.  I ran into the store manager who is a friend of mine.  I showed him my purchase.  He said he wish he had known ammunition would have been in short supply.  He would have bought a store room full of it.  Of course, that’s the problem now.  They had some .45/70 cartridges.  I should have bought some of them.  Problem is I don’t have a .45/70 rifle yet.  Next time I run into some cartridges I’m going to buy some.  Then when I finally break down and buy that rifle I’ll have the ammo.  A Marlin lever action .45/70 is a perfect bear and boar gun.  It is great for all close range big game, especially the dangerous ones.  The .45/70 was used back in the 1800’s to hunt buffalo.  Back then that round used black powder.  It fires a 325 grain bullet.

Pat Jenkins, our Mayor just came in and we talked for a while.  He is doing a great job.  There are some changes coming down the pike in State Law that will impact Troutfest.  I want to be sure and learn about these changes before the event so we will be prepared.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
November 4, 2009



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