Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It rained yesterday and last night.  At 10:00 pm it appeared the front had moved through, to the east and north.  But I woke up at 4:30 am and heard rain.  I looked at the radar.  That rain moved back to us from the north.  That was weird.  The mountains appear to be fogged in right now.  It is clear in the valley.  But the rain is still falling.

Little River looked to be clear and the water temperature was 48 degrees, I think.  It was still pretty dark when I stood on the bank earlier.  It was hard to read my thermometer and I could not see the water clarity further out into the channel.  I think it is clear. The water is up but the river is certainly not rolling.  Flow is 335 cubic feet per second.  Median flow for this date is 108 cfs.

This is going to be an excellent day to fish in the Smokies.  If the water is a little off color, that will be good.  The higher flow is in your favor.  The cloudy skies are a positive.  And, the water temperature (If I’m right) is warmer this morning than it has been on previous mornings.

Use nymphs, about any local pattern.  You could see a Blue Wing Olive hatch.  Be ready for that.  Try not to wade in the tails of pools.  The brown trout are spawning.  You don’t want to destroy a redd.  There have been some good browns caught lately, over 22 inches and one or two that were quite a bit larger.  If there is any way you can get out there today, do it.  Rainbows, browns and brookies should be active.  I hope I’m right.

This weekend looks good too.  The high tomorrow will be 61 degrees though the temperature will dip to the mid 30’s tonight.  Sunday will be even better.  Expect sunshine both days.

I am meeting with Kent Edmonds at 9:00 am.  Kent is known as the inventor of the Stealth Bomber.  He is our sales rep for Rainy’s Flies, Temple Fork and other brands.  He is here to talk business but I’m sure fishing will come up.  He is also a guide in Georgia.  You can visit his website by CLICKING HERE.  On this site you can learn to tie the older and newest versions of the Stealth Bomber.  I’m looking forward to seeing Kent.

I have been working on a cool project with Chota.  Since we have a photography studio here complete with huge flash units and all the stuff you need to take pictures, I’ve been doing their photography.  If you see an image on any dealer website or their own, chances are I took it. 

Mark Brown, Chota’s bright sales manager called me a month ago and asked if I could make a short video for their new Hippies.  I have the equipment and software but my knowledge of both was lacking.  I told him, emphatically, that I could.  I did not know if I could so maybe I lied.  The video would appear on YouTube. 

I told Mark, we need a script first.  He had one written.  We met downstream on the Little River and went to work.  I loaded down the footage in my Mac at home and got started.  Wow, I had to learn a lot of stuff.  What turned out to be a 2 minute video took me about 20 hours to complete because I had to learn how to use the editing software.  Mark created the nature soundtrack on a computer and sent it to me.  My computer didn’t understand that this was an audio track.  I had to learn to convert it to an MP3.  I kept sending versions to them in low resolution.  The actual video was filmed and edited in high definition. 

I created a image using the Chota Logo at the beginning and the end.  It was fuzzy.  That is because the logo I had was a 300 dpi image, which was fine for print media.  But this video was to be HD.  Frank, President of Chota found the original logo in a vector format.  This allowed me to create an image at 1600 dpi, much closer to high definition.

As I e-mailed low-res versions to them they shot back changes.  Frank is a perfectionist like all successful innovative inventors.  He has to be that way.  He could have a great idea, put it on paper, have the product manufactured then fail because of one lousy detail.  When that happens, that costs big money.

So, we made changes like, “cut off the paddle stroke after the first one going out and the last one coming in”.  “Make the font softer”.  “Lets re-do the audio so the stream is not so loud”. There were more. Finally, I sent them version 7 on a CD.  The file size was 159 mb, too large to e-mail. 

Anyway, If I can figure out how to imbed this YouTube video before Kent gets here you can see it.  There are things I want to do over.  I cut off Mark’s head in one scene to better show the Hippy being rolled up.  That doesn’t look good to me but it may be just what they want.  I work for them. Our plan is to make more of these to showcase the product line on YouTube.  So hopefully, the video shows up below.  Turn on your speakers.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
November 4, 2011


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