Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  We are fogged in.  The mountains are not visible.  Light rain is falling and the temperature outside is 41 degrees.  I pulled out of the driveway at 7:30 am.  I saw 3 wild turkeys in front of our house.  I got here, started this report and remembered I forgot to take my hypertension prescription.  So I drove home and saw 8 wild turkeys in front of the house. When I left I saw an even larger flock.  It’s one of those turkey days.

Little River is still flowing strong, probably perfect for fly fishing.  Flow at 7:35 am was 230 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 135 cfs.  The water temperature was 46.3 degrees earlier.

We are going to get more rain, especially tonight and tomorrow.  Low temperatures this week will range from the mid 30’s to around 40 degrees.  Highs will be in the 50’s to 60’s and almost reaching 70 degrees on Saturday.  After tomorrow, the sun will be shining during the day.  This will turn out to be a beautiful week.

Fishing is fantastic.  Josh Pfeiffer had a great day yesterday and pictures to prove it.  He was not gone long.  He stopped in here on his way to the Park and came by on his way home.  He hooked a big brown on Little River.  He had to chase it downstream for a ¼ of a mile while being followed by a gallery of onlookers.  He said he fell in once.  After landing the fish, a guy from Ohio took Josh’s picture holding the fish.  He released it.  One onlooker was surprised at that.  Josh didn’t measure the fish.  I think it was somewhere between 24” and 26”. 

Then he went to another spot and saw a brown male with a female.  He made a cast, the male ate, swam over to Josh and spit the fly out.  The trout returned to his mating duties.  Just for the heck of it, Josh cast again.  The same thing happened.  That fish grabbed his fly, rose to the surface and spit it out again.  Josh decided to leave him alone.

Lynn said he pulled a fly out of a big brown’s mouth yesterday morning.  Lynn catches a lot of big trout (and smallmouth bass).  Last year he fought a brown that his audience said went 30 inches and two of the onlookers were very experienced guides.  Yesterday, Lynn said he was not concentrating on the job at hand.  That big trout got a break.

You will catch trout on dry flies, especially if there is a blue wing olive hatch.  You may not need a hatch.  Try a small BWO or a Parachute Adams.  Nymphs are working best for the larger trout.  Fishing in the Smokies, over the past few days has been really good, not just for spawning browns, but for all species and sizes.  I don’t see that changing for a few days.  This is just awesome.  The conditions are very good.

Sometime during the past 24 hours, we had our 1,400,000th visitor to this website since January 1st.  You are only counted once in a 24 hour period.  That pretty much assures us of a milestone 1.6 million visitors this year, up about 400,000 from last year if my memory serves me right.  I guess I could easily look and know for sure.

The snow is melting fast in the high elevations of the Smokies.  Mt. LeConte reported 14” on the ground yesterday.  Earlier this week that number was about 36 inches.

I took a short walk yesterday afternoon.  In less than a mile I talked to 5 people I know.  Townsend is a friendly place.  This is a very small town.  Here, you either know everyone you see or they are at least familiar unless they are visitors.  I recognize and know a lot of the visitors too. 

Daniel and I are the only ones working here today.  So, I’ll have to vote after work.  I dread that.  There will probably be a 15 to 30 minute line.  I’ve seen many of the early voting stories around the United States on television.  People are saying they have been waiting for hours.  I think the most I have ever waited to vote in a Presidential election is 30 minutes here.  During the working hours there is seldom a line at the Townsend Elementary School where we vote.  I owe that to the size of our town and the experience of our poll workers.  I noticed a sign today on the street leading to the school, “ID Required”.

Fly fishing for trout is very good right now.  Get out there and vote.  Then, get out there and fish.  Both will make you feel good.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
November 6, 2012

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