Townsend, Tennessee
November 7, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report. It is cold outside, 35 degrees when I came to work.  But the sun is shining bright and it is supposed to warm up to the high 60’s today and to 71 degrees tomorrow.  We have had beautiful weather in the Smokies this week.  I walked around town yesterday afternoon.  People were out in their yards and I stopped to say hello to many of them.  I recognized almost everyone who drove by.  This time of year, especially on weekdays it’s just us locals in town.  I did see a lot of cars coming into town last night when I drove home.

Little River is perfect.  The flow is 303 cubic feet per second.  Some people consider that high especially if they just started fishing here in the last couple of years.  But, this is the way I like it, plenty of water.  Fishing is good too.  The water is chilly this morning.  It was 46 degrees in town.  But it will warm up as the day progresses and the fishing will get better. 

Yesterday a customer came in and laid a hook with some materials dangling from it on the front counter. “What’s that” I asked.  He said it used to be a wooly bugger.  Evidently he got into a whole bunch of very hungry and very large stocked trout just outside the Park boundary in Little River.  He caught a lot of fish, he said they would strike on almost every cast and that poor wooly bugger was about chewed completely up.  It was the only one he had.  We found a similar pattern for him and he was on his way back to the stream.

If you go today try nymphs weighted with a #6 split shot.  If you need more weight add another split shot.  I would use a Prince or Bead Head Pheasant Tail.  If you go early fish the sunny stretches.  You might also try a small dry Blue Wing Olive or even a larger Stimulator.  This is going to be a great weekend to fish in the Smokies.

Did you see that huge wild boar photograph on yesterday’s report?  People are telling me it’s a fake.  Someone sent it to me.  The beast supposedly weighed 1,800 pounds. If it is a fake it fooled me.  But, with all the digital manipulation software available and people who know how to use it, even the impossible is possible.  Real or not, it was a great story.

We’re holding our big planning meeting tomorrow for Troutfest 2010.  This is going to be big!  I have updated the website.  Check it out.  Lefty Kreh and Joe Humphreys will be back.  I’m working on getting sponsors for Bob Clouser.  Almost all the fly fishing manufacturers will be represented.  There will be artists, fly shops, non-profits, rod builders, fly tyers, casting demonstrations, a casting contest each day and just about anything you can think of that has to do with fly fishing can be found here.  Lodges and guides will have booths.  It is going to be a fly fishing extravaganza.  The banquet/auction will be held Friday May 14th.  The Fly Fishing Exposition will be on Saturday and Sunday, May 15th and 16th.  We are making many improvements for next year.  I’m looking forward to it.  You should plan to be here.

We got a lot of the new Fishpond gear in.  Fifteen boxes showed up Thursday.  Come by and check it out.  We’ll be here.

Have a great weekend and thanks for being here.

Byron Begley
November 7, 2009


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