Townsend, Tennessee
November 9, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  Yesterday was beautiful.  It’s been that way all week.  We’ve had plenty of sunshine and very warm daytime temperatures.  The leaves are still hanging on but for the most part they are brown.  Today will be more of the same with clouds moving in ahead of Hurricane Ida. 

Townsend is quiet this morning.  There is almost no traffic on the roads and streets.  A hawk just flew by my window and dove down to the ground behind the store.  He probably got a bunny.  Hawks love wabbits. I have been walking almost every afternoon. I'm trying to get into better shape. This has been perfect walking weather.

Fishing has been very good.  This warm spell and lower water has helped.  The brown trout are spawning, you can see them on the nests right now.  A lot of my friends have been watching them.  Most of these guys don’t bother the trout when they are actually spawning.  But, when they are through, watch out.  The flies will be pounding the water, the browns will be hungry and even if it is cold and snowing, they will be eating for a few weeks.  That will happen soon.  Nymphs and streamers work best.

The brookies and rainbows are active too.  Anglers have been coming by and reporting excellent catches.  They are hitting dry flies and nymphs.

The rivers look like they normally do in March.   Today, Little River is flowing at a rate of 247 cubic feet per second below the “Y”.  Normal is 114 cfs.  The record for this date was in 2007 at 893 cfs.  That was a drought year. 

Hurricane Ida may drop quite a bit of rain on East Tennessee.  The Weather Channel is predicting one to two inches of rain tomorrow.  If that does happen the streams will be very high for a few days.  We could get more rain than that or it could miss us.  We are right on the edge of the heavy rain graphic.

We had a great Troutfest planning session yesterday.  This year’s team is eager and ready.  All the big decisions were made yesterday.  I handed out a three page agenda.  We covered it all in about an hour and a half.  We plan to meet again on January 17th then once a month after that until the event in May. 

If you would like to have a booth at Troutfest contact me.  You can go to the website and download a vendor form.  We are looking for artists, fly shops, rod builders, outdoor stores, food vendors and other fishing related businesses.  Almost all the National Tackle Manufacturers will also have booths.

Last night I was filling up my truck at the IGA.  Then I planned to go inside and buy some diced tomatoes for Paula.  This guy pulled up in a pickup truck and parked by a pump.  We walked up to within ten feet of me and started cussing, threatening to kill someone and claimed he had seven guns in his pickup truck.  I resisted the urge to ask him, “Are you talking to me?”  It turns out he was not talking to me.  I just continued to pump gas and he walked on still cussing and threatening someone.  I couldn’t see who he was yelling at.

When I was young I heard and saw things like this all the time.  Of course, as usual, adult beverages, testosterone and a girl were involved.  I parked my truck and went in the store to buy the diced tomatoes and there he was talking to a girl who he suspected of messing around with another guy.  People working in the store looked nervous. 

I drove off right by them with my window down so I could hear what he was saying.  He was talking to her very loud about a fight he got into with 4 other guys.  Evidently he won or he claimed to have won.  I’m not surprised.

It was kind of an exciting end to a wonderful day.

Have a great one yourself and thanks for being here with us.

Byron Begley
November 9, 2009


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