Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report. It is another beautiful clear morning in Townsend.  There was no fog today and it was a cool 32 degrees when I drove to the river to take the water temperature.  I talked to a couple of fishermen at the swinging bridge.  They were using salmon eggs for bait.  The water is cold and I told them I expect the fishing to improve later in the day.  The water was 41 degrees.

Flow is great in Little River and most Great Smoky Mountains streams.  Our stream is flowing at 179 cubic feet per second compared to median flow for this date at 114 cfs.  Yesterday turned out to be warmer than expected.  It was nice outside.  Today will be the same, sunny and 71 degrees.  I would fish later in the day after the water warms.  I would probably start with nymphs and maybe switch to dry flies later. 

The next rain period appears to be coming on Sunday or Monday and last until Tuesday.  The rivers could probably use some replenishing by then.  The snow is melting in the higher elevations.  Mount Leconte and Newfound Gap showed a drop in snow depth yesterday morning of about 2 to 3 inches.  I bet much of that will be gone when the Smokies weather information is loaded on the website in a little while.  But, the rain expected early next week could be in the form of snow up there.

A lot of new fly fishing gear is coming in.  Tackle for the year 2011 becomes available in October and November.  Other products won’t be available until January or later.  Most companies are going to sell new fly rods at a lower price point and these rods are really good.  Value in the $250 to $400 range will be the rods to take a close look at.  Are they as nice as those $700 rods?  They components won’t be.  But the blanks probably are. 

3M has developed a technology for building fly rods.  It is called Nano.  Nano is a material that is impregnated with a resin that results in a lighter and way more durable rod.  Some rod manufacturers are using it in their higher end rods.  The hoop strength is supposed to be incredible.  I think we’ll see more lower cost rods in the future using the 3M Nano materials.  This composite has been used in airplanes and other equipment requiring light-weight and durable qualities.  The new St. Croix “Bank Robber” rod uses the new 3M technology.  I held one of those the other day.  We’ll be stocking them I’m sure.  Right now they are only available in 9’ 6 weight and 7 weight models.  They were co-developed by the St. Croix team and Kelly Galloup.  They are designed to cast big, heavy flies.

Scientific Anglers is going to buy Ross Reels or maybe they already have.  It depends on who you talk to.  That is going to be an interesting change in the fly fishing tackle industry.  For one thing, we have one sales representative who handles Ross Reels and another who reps Scientific Anglers.  I wonder how that’s going to shake out.  They are both good friends of mine.  So, personally, I hope they keep the sales teams separate.

I’m going deer hunting in a couple of days.  Gun season opens in Kentucky.  The weather looks good and I’ll be with many of my best buddies.  I have not hunted deer in over 40 years.  I’m there for the deer hunt every year but I’ve chosen not to hunt.  I guess I’m re-living my childhood dreams.  I’ll be doing things a little different than my buddies will be.  First I’ll be using open sights.  So, I’ll only take a close shot.  Second, if I take that shot and hit, the deer should fall immediately.  I’m using a 45/70 caliber rifle.  My worst fear is wounding an animal and having it suffer.  If that happened I probably would not hunt again.  I know I can hit it deer at close range with this rifle.  And if I do, the power of that round should knock the animal down.  That is the rifle I’ve been using for boar and bear hunting. I have a lot of confidence in that gun.  Getting a close shot may not happen.  But, I’ll have fun anyway.  My first priority is not killing a deer.  P1 is being with my friends some of whom I’ve known over 50 years.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
November 9, 2010 

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We are starting our Free Fly Tying Demonstrations on Saturdays again.  All you have to do is show up.  Our fly tying demonstrators will be active between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. 

On Saturday November 13th, Brian Courtney and Hugh Hartsell will be tying.  Brian is an excellent fly tyer.  He also teaches our fly tying classes with Walter.  Hugh is a guide specializing in the Smokies, South Holston and Holston Rivers.  He has a fly business and sells some unusual but very effective flies.  He is always willing to share what works for him. 


Our fly tying classes are starting Saturday November 20th.  The first one is a beginner school.  To sign up just call the shop at 877-448-3474.  Daniel is posting the dates on our website today in the Schools Section.  The fly tying class schedule follows:

Saturday November 20 – Beginner Fly Tying
Saturday December 4 – Intermediate Fly Tying
Saturday January 8 – Beginner Fly Tying
Saturday January 15 – Intermediate Fly Tying
Saturday January 22 – Advanced Fly Tying
Saturday February 5 – Beginner Fly Tying
Saturday February 19 – Intermediate Fly Tying
Saturday February 26 – Advanced Fly Tying


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