Townsend, Tennessee
November 14, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report. The fog is beginning to burn off here in Tuckaleechee Cove. I just drove up to the Park to take a look at the rivers. Just about when you get to the Park boundary the fog clears up as it usually does. There is still a lot of water in the streams. All three prongs of Little River are flowing clear and fast. The Little River gauge is still over 3 feet which is well above the reasonable fishing level.

If you decide that you just HAVE to go fishing to day, pack along a long rod in the 5 - 6 weight range. A 9 foot rod will help you with roll casting from the bank, mending and or high sticking. With the water up like this you don't need the light presentation of a delicate 3wt. you are going to have to be throwing some bigger nymphs and weighting them down with a bunch of lead to get them to the trout. Stay out of the water as much as possible. When the water is like this crossing over the stream to get that "better" casting spot is not a smart move. No trout no matter how large it may be is worth ending up on the 11 o'clock news. Trout don't move that much in a river. If you do spot on that you cannot reach....he will be there when you come back when the water is down.

Larger nymphs with alot of weight will likely be your best bet for the next several says. Don't leave all your dries home though. If you want to fish a dry, try a bush attractor pattern such as a stimulator or a royal wulff. Find a calmer eddy area and let it bob around in the swirl. You might get surprised.

A guy (sorry, can't remember his name) who guides over in North Carolina stopped in yesterday afternoon. We had to tell him that the rivers were too high to do much good fishing so we just talked for a bit. He brought in some photos of his 5 year old daughter fishing. He had a couple of pics of her with a very nice brown and a great rainbow. He told us he was fishing the one day and she was down below him fishing the lower part of the pool. She was casting an ant pattern on a little 5' 3wt rod that he made for her. She yelled for him and he could see her rod bent over. His first thought was that she hooked a beaver that they had seen in the pool. When he got over to her she reeled in a 27" brown. She is only 5!

I know Byron has talked about it over and over before. More kids need to start fishing. If the next generation doesn't get interested in outdoor sportsman activities what kind of impacts will that have? Not only will it be hard on those of us who rely on sportsman to make a living...but what about conservation. If people aren't out enjoying and utilizing nature who is going to be inspired to protect it. Sportsmen (hunters and fishermen) spend billions each year on things that go directly to conservation. If the next generation spends all their time exercising on the Wii or gardening on Farmtown or even deer hunting on their X-Box how will they care if there is now park to play tag in or if the big corporation empties their drain into the local stream. What will they care?
I hope it doesn't come to that. I don't really think it will either. Here at the Shop we see pleanty of parents coming in with their kids who while some may still be too young now, I'm sure they will have a rod in hand soon enough. Also, our local conservation groups do a good job also with events like, Take a Kid Fishing Day and TU's Trout in the Classroom.

We are busily trying to get the new Fishpond items added on to the Online Catalog. Almost all of the new 2010 products have arrived. You can go to Fishpond's site and take a look at some of the new stuff. As always it looks really great.

We have an Advanced Fly Tying Class coming up on November 21. The cost is only $75. There is still pleanty of space left. Don't get scared off by the name. "Advanced" is just what we called it. I think we should name it Intermediate 2.0 or something. You don't have to be an expert fly tyer to take this class. If you wouldn't need it. All you need is a bit of fly tying experience. In this class you simply learn some more difficult fly tying techniques such as tiny parachutes, spinning hair and making quill bodies. It is an excellent way to improve your tying skills. Just give us a call 865-448-9459 to reserve your spot. We even serve you lunch!

Well I guess I rattled on for long enough. The sky is now blue with some whispy clouds. It is supposed to be warm and beautiful today. It won't be a great day to catch fish....but it is definitely a day to pack up the kids and head to the mountains....or even the local park for a hike or a walk.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Daniel Drake
November 14, 2009

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