Townsend, Tennessee
November 20, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  Townsend is foggy but the sun is beginning to burn it off.  Our town is still as it has been for days, quiet.  There are absolutely no or almost no visitors.  Yesterday on my walk I headed down toward the Park and passed several campgrounds on Little River.  One had three campers.  Another had maybe four.  That will change next week. 

Little River looked great this morning.  The water temperature is dropping though.  It was 48 degrees this morning.  The water is flowing strong but it's fine for fishing.  Fishing has been good and I see no reason for that to change much.  It is going to cool off some and it looks like we’ll have rain again this weekend.  I swore I would never complain about rain again and I won’t start now.  It just seems like this wonderful rain we’ve been getting always comes when most people, including me, want to go fishing.  I’m not complaining, just making an observation. 

It looks like nymph time to me.  You can probably catch trout on dries too but today I just feel like a nymph.  I feel like a Prince, a Girdle Bug, a Pheasant Tail.  It’s just a feeling.

I was just talking with Dan Stewart from Alabama.  I suggested he try fishing outside the Park.  TWRA has stocked the river well and there are some nice trout to be caught.  

Next week is Thanksgiving.  We all get a day off!  Thanksgiving week is a popular time to visit the Smokies and camp. JR and Bill from Alabama, and their whole family of three generations will be back for their annual campout at Cades Cove.  I can’t wait to see them.  They are all special people to me.  I can count on a good visit every Thanksgiving. 

This one will be different.  Sadly, Dave Grimwood passed away this year.  I hope his wife TJ, his mom and dad, sister and all their friends will be here to honor this fine man who is now in a better place.  A lot of sad things have happened to me this year.  The loss of Dave was one of the saddest.  I’m sure I’ll feel better when I see his family.  It won’t be easy for me or them.

Here is the last note I got from Dave when our beloved dog Madison died.

"I am so sorry to hear about Madison.  A good dog is hard of come by.  I’ve had two in my life.  After reading the fishing report today, TJ and I were remembering the good memories that we had of your dogs roaming the old store and sleeping next to the fire.  Remember the good times.  Long may he run. Dave Grimwood"

I guess you may have read this in a past report.  I had to put it in here again. I feel it is appropriate to show you what kind of guy he was.  He had a big heart.  I like people who have big hearts.

I ordered a cover for the boat last night.  Cabelas had them on sale so that is why I chose the one I did.  It was cheap.  It’s kind of sad to put the boat away for the winter.  Paula and I have really enjoyed it.  We may use it on some on nice days before Spring. 

For the next three months I’m going to concentrate on boar hunting and customizing the boat.  Then in the Spring we’ll be back to fishing and turkey hunting.

Jack Gregory will not be tying in the Shop tomorrow morning. He will be tying on Saturday December 5th instead. We had a mixup on our website.  

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
November 20, 2009

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