Townsend, Tennessee
December 2, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  The sky is abundant with beautiful cloud formations.  This is a good morning to look up and marvel at God’s work.  The air is clear, the mountains are vivid and if you go fishing today you should wear a football helmet.  It is windy! There is hardly any traffic in Townsend.  Yesterday our business was almost all mail order.  It is the week after a holiday so people are staying close to home and work.  I am too.

The water warmed up some more.  It is 48 degrees right now in town.  Down at the swinging bridge where I start my workday the river looked great.  There is plenty of flow and the water is clear.  But, there is a full moon and the pressure is dropping so I don’t know about the fishing.  Maybe I should go down the river and make a few casts in the name of work or job. 

You might find some blue wing olives hatching today.  They will probably blow away as soon as you spot one.  With the wind and overcast conditions I would stick with a nymph all day.  I would pick a Girdle Bug and Prince Nymph combination.  You could substitute a Tellico Nymph, Copper John or a number of other flies and probably do just as well.

I got invited on another bear and boar hunt weekend after next.  I’ve got my new .45/70 Marlin lever action rifle which is perfect for that kind of hunting.  And I’ll get to see all my new friends I met on the hunt in October.  We had a great time, one shot a boar and another shot a bear.  Just being there was enough excitement for me and I didn’t have to gut or skin an animal.  I did sit in the woods for two days wondering what the heck I would do if a huge bear came charging at me. And, listen to this, the average shot on this hunt is between 50 feet and 150 feet.  I said “feet” not “yards”.  The hounds are chasing these animals and they pop out of nowhere.  I can only imagine that they are always running straight at you with their teeth bared and chomping.  You have to think quick and make an accurate shot fast.  That is where I know I have a problem.  I never was a good shot but I used to be able to think quick.

I talked to Ed McMahon yesterday.  He works with the Urban Land Institute and lives in Washington, DC.  We are planning a “Smart Growth Symposium” for early next year.  I heard Ed speak this year in Knoxville.  He is amazing.  I’m going to run this by the Blount County Chamber Board Monday morning.  If we get the nod we’ll proceed. 

My hope is that every planner, commissioner and elected official from our County and all the towns within will attend.  I hope everyone who lives or works in Townsend will attend.  Ed makes the most compelling argument for preserving your community.  He emphasizes the importance of not making your town look like “Anywhere USA”.  The last time he spoke in our County over 400 people showed up. 

I talked to my friend Maribel Koella yesterday about it. She will work with me on this with a whole lot of enthusiasm.  It will cost over $4,000 to get Ed here to speak. She told me to book him and we’ll raise the money.  She is right.  Between the two of us we could make some phone calls and come up with $4,000 for something like this easily.  Maribel and I are meeting with our County Mayor Friday about some other issues.

So, we’ve got a lot going on around here.  Don’t forget Saturday.  Jack Gregory is going to be here.  See below.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
December 2, 2009

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