Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is raining and fairly warm in Townsend, Tennessee this morning.  The temperature is 52 degrees.  We have had 1/3 of an inch of precipitation since yesterday morning.  Fog is obscuring the view of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  I can see the lower elevation mountains but not the big ones.  Fog follows the path of Little River through town.  Traffic was light this morning.  I probably saw 10 or 15 vehicles.  It’s kind of a dreary day here.

Little River is flowing a little stronger since yesterday.  Flow right now is 340 cubic feet per second.  Median flow for this date is 265 cfs.  The water is clear and perfect for wading and fly fishing.

Listen to this!  The water temperature at 8:02 am was 53 degrees.  It will probably hold near that temperature all day.  We are going to get some more rain, maybe another ½ inch.  With the warmer water, good flow and excellent cloud cover, this is yet another good day to fish in the Smoky Mountains.

Blue wing olives like this kind of weather.  So you might see some hatches and there is a good chance for some dry fly fishing today.  Try a BWO pattern or Parachute Adams.  You might be surprised.  If that doesn’t work go to a nymph.  A Tellico, Bead Head Pheasant Tail, Prince or Copper John should work.  Use larger nymphs and heavy tippet if you are targeting the browns.  They should be feeding well today.  They are going to be harder to see, but they won’t see you well either. 

I also wouldn’t be surprised if the smallmouth bass were feeding downstream.  The water temperature is well within their preferred range.  Heck, the lakes may be fishing well too.  This is a good day to go if you don’t mind the rain. 

A cold front is moving in.  Temperatures at night are going to be much lower.  Tonight the low should be in the low 30’s and dipping into the 20’s tomorrow night.  The water temperature will drop some as well.  Next week the temperatures will warm up some.  It is hard to believe this is December. 

It won’t be long.  January will be here soon.  Then, in February we often see an early Spring.  It could happen again.  I have only lived here 20 years but I have seen the Spring hatches occur in late February.  It’s just not that far off.  When the Quill Gordons and Blue Quills hatch, anglers come here from everywhere.  It is still Winter in most parts of “trout country” when we get our Spring hatches.  Anglers travel here to start early. 

In March, the hatches are in full activity mode.  In April the smallmouth bass become active.  And in May, the best fishing of the year in East Tennessee occurs.  Of course, this all depends on water temperature.  If we have a late or prolonged Winter, the beginning of this annual fly fishing activity can be delayed.  I would not plan a trip here in late February hoping the Spring hatches are happening.  But, I would be ready just in case.

We will have our store ready just in case.

I found some new website menu design software yesterday that runs on a Mac.  I’m excited about that.  I hope to download it today.  It costs $69.  Right now Daniel has to make the changes in our menu on his PC.  Then we copy the file to a small drive and load it up to our server from my Mac.  It is a cumbersome process.

Here is something else that is cumbersome about our website.  You can’t just make changes on one computer without letting another one you use for website design know about it.  I work on our website at home and here at the shop every day.  So, I have a hard drive that I copy to each day.  Then I download the 12 gig file to my computer at home.  I work on the site there, copy the file back to the hard drive then copy it down here every morning.  It takes about 4 minutes to copy that file.  The good thing is, I have the site backed up on two computers and two external hard drives in two or three separate locations.  The third location would be my truck at times.

The site is also retrievable from our remote server in Washington DC.  I think we’ve got redundancy covered.  We also have our Point of Sale backed up on two additional hard drives.  Our accounting is backed up weekly too. 

Working on the website at home is a lot more productive because our internet connection is much faster.  We have cable at home.  Here we have a full T-1 line which is fine but it is slower than cable.  The reason we use T-1 here instead of cable is because the provider we use offers toll free calling.  We can’t get that from the cable company.  I’m wondering if toll free service is important anymore.  Most people have data plans at home and on their mobile devices.  I don’t think a call to us costs any less to a customer using our toll free service.  I’m thinking Toll Free is a thing of the past. 

We have 8 phone lines and internet at the shop and that costs us around $450 per month if you include the long distance minutes package we have.  The cable company could do that for less money and our internet connection would be faster.  A few years ago, that $450 charge was $800.  Data plan prices have dropped considerably.

Our remote server, where our website is stored costs $175 per month.  That includes 24/7 service from our internet consultant.  If something goes wrong, we call him anytime and he fixes the problem.  That box handles a lot of business and customer use so that is money well spent.

We live and do business in a different world now.  The internet has changed everything in our lives.  One good example of that is the U.S. Post Office.  Look at what the internet and e-mail has done to them.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
December 16, 2011

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