Townsend, Tennessee
December 19, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is beautiful here this morning.  We didn’t get much snow in the valley, but what we did get stuck to the trees.  Everything is white except the roads.  They are wet.  I followed a tractor to work.  That guy maintained a speed of 30+ miles per hour.  I don’t know if many of you have driven tractors but I have, a lot.  Thirty miles per hour is flying on a John Deere.  Someone wrecked last night in front of our house.  We didn’t hear it.  We live on a gravel road that is maybe ½ mile long and there are only four houses including ours.  Whoever did this was obviously going very fast down the hill and lost control.  The snow was brown from spinning tires.  And the car or truck landed on a hill just a few feet from our driveway.  Surely the frame of the vehicle was bent.  I bet I know who it was.

The roads are fine.  Come on to Townsend.  We may get more snow though. Check the weather before you come. I heard most of the roads in the Park are closed.  There is a lot more snow up there.  Looking out the window I can see some of the high peaks.  They are solid white with a few specks of brown.  The view is spectacular. 

Fishing is probably slow.  The water actually warmed up two degrees overnight.  It is 43 degrees in town right now.  Little River is up and moving fast.  The flow is currently 553 cubic feet per second.  The level is up about 7 inches from yesterday morning. 

Some people got stuck on the wrong side of the mountain yesterday.  Hi Mark, how was Fontana Resort?  Are you still there?  The Park roads closed early.  We got pounded by rain most of the day then it turned to snow late yesterday afternoon.  Going home from work was a little harrowing.  Driving wasn’t the problem.  I have four wheel drive and good tires.  Seeing the stripes in the road was impossible and there were crazy people passing me who had no idea where they were.  My guess was some of them were in the turning lane or worse. 

We are busy.  December sales are going to be huge.  Thankfully our fine customer service people are handling all the mail orders and customers who visit us personally.  They are doing an excellent job.  I’m not one of them.  I don’t know how to use any of the software very well.  At our front counters we have several computers.  Two are computerized cash registers hooked up to our server.  That’s how we track everything.  We have a computer to process fishing licenses, one to issue and redeem gift cards and two for credit card processing.  One is a special service that checks out international orders.  Just about every one of the people who work here, know how to use these machines and they do it every day.  They also have to understand shipping.  We use the Post Office, FedX and UPS.  Since we usually pay the shipping we use the service that costs less.  If something is heavy we use one carrier.  If it is large they pick the right one.  If the package is going to be small it goes out another way. 

So when I’m needed downstairs, I just talk to customers. That’s what I like to do anyway.  We still get a lot of orders over the phone.  But, every year a larger percentage of our customers order online. That trend will certainly continue.

We’ll see what happens today.  I don’t expect to see many people going fishing.  I do expect to see people here to enjoy the snow in the mountains.  I better get downstairs and see what’s going on.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us. 

Byron Begley
December 19, 2009

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