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Welcome to the Fishing Report.  I usually get one day off each week.  I almost always work on weekends.  So today, Thursday is my day off.  I plan to run an errand in Maryville then stay home and work on the new website, my latest hobby.

I did drive to the shop early to check the rain gauge.  The fog is thick and visibility got worse as I approached our store.  In fact, from the road where I turn onto the street to enter our parking lot, the building looked like a black object with no features.

Our gauge indicated we had .20 inches of rain during the past 24 hours.  Then I drove to the swinging bridge to take the water temperature.  My thermometer showed the line at 51 degrees.  The river was up a few inches from what I saw there yesterday morning.  The mountains got more rain then we did in the valley.  I guarantee it.  The airport showed more rainfall too.

Flow in Little River is 470 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 242 cfs.  There is more rain on the way.  The chance for rain is 90% today and tonight. 

Fishing should be pretty good but I have not fished recently nor did I talk to any anglers yesterday who went.  The water temperature is almost ideal though a little on the cool side of perfect.  I think 58 degrees is perfect.  It will be warm today so the water temperature could rise a little.  It is overcast.  The moon is not visible at night.  The barometer is moderate. 

I would use nymphs but be ready and aware that a blue wing olive hatch could occur.  Try fishing your nymphs weighted heavily and on the bottom at first.  If that doesn’t work, lighten the lead and let or them drift midway through the water column.  And if that fails, switch to a dry fly.  Or, use a streamer or big offering of some sort and fish for the browns.  Don’t forget the stocked water in Little River through town.  It has been fishing well lately. 

Larry came by yesterday.  He is becoming an avid smallmouth bass angler and he lives a few hundred yards from Little River in Walland.  He said the smallmouth fishing has been very slow.

Bill fished on the South Holston yesterday.  He always does well there, sometimes extremely well.  Yesterday, the fishing was slow.  I don’t know why but it was.

You might consider the South Holston or Watauga today.  I briefly looked at the generation schedules.  Those two looked good.  Look at the TVA schedules again before you go.  I did not check closely.

I called a meeting of the Laurel Lake Ad-Hoc Concept Plan Committee yesterday and it was an exciting one.  Laurel Lake, a 50 acre impoundment, was drained 20 years ago.  The State said the dam needed repairs and there was no money available to do it.  So, the dam was breached.  The lakebed now sits empty on about 100 acres of county owned land.  We want to rebuild the lake.  Steve Fritts from Barge, Waggoner, Sumner and Canon is drawing the concept plan.  The lake and surrounding property will be a County Park.

The meeting was held at our shop and all six of us attended.  Steve is doing a great job.  He rolled the plan out on a large table and we all looked at it as he gave a presentation.  The lake was back at full pool.  I like that.  There was a 2.5 mile hiking trail around the lake and the park.  That’s cool!  There were some picnic tables, shelters, a parking lot and rest room facilities. There were two canoe launch sites and docks for fishing or tying up your boat.  A boardwalk offers people a chance to walk across a wetland without disturbing it.  People can learn about wetlands here.  This lake will be a few hundred yards from our house so you can imagine, I’m all jazzed about it.

In the large wooded area was something that seemed odd to me.  It looked like a golf course.  The trees were still there.  The trail intersected what appeared to be fairways and greens but this area is too small for a golf course. It might be 30 to 40 acres total.

Steve explained, it is a Disc Golf Course.  In other words, people get out there with frizbys and play a game similar to golf.  And it is done in the forest without removing a bunch of trees.  The course was designed by someone at Steve’s firm who does all of their “disc golf” designs.  Steve told us how popular this activity is.  Also, Mr. Huff who runs Parks and Rec said the same thing to our County Mayor.

I have known Steve a long time and would never dispute anything he says.  Mr. Huff at Parks and Rec is a very respected man in our county.  I do not personally know him.  But, I had to check this out.  So, this morning I Googled “Disc Golf”.  I almost fell out of my chair when the results came up on my Mac.  First, I found companies that sell disc golf gear who bought Google Adwords.  One was a “Disc Golf Superstore”.  Then I clicked on the PDGA website.  You guessed it!  PDGA stands for the Professional Disc Golf Association.  Check it out for yourself HERE.  So, they are right.  I put on my “Tourism Cap” and warmed up to the idea immediately.  And my “Conserve and Protect” cap felt pretty good too.  This recreation would be low impact on the environment. 

I guess I live in a small world where I only see people fly fishing and I seem to forget there are other activities that people enjoy.  I look at this concept and see me fly fishing for bass, trout and bluegill.  That’s right, TWRA mentioned to me that they would consider stocking trout in the Fall and people could fish for them until Summer. 

I seriously doubt if we will be selling frizbies in our store.  Paula said she was excited about a disc golf course near our house.  Oh well.  I would have never thought of that.  That is why we have professionals on our committee.  I’m going to look today for a pink frizby to give Paula for Christmas. While I'm at it, I might buy a camo frizby for me so I can start practicing. I wonder, would a camo frizby be hard to find in the woods? Maybe I better buy two.  

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
December 22, 2011

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