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Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is dark and dreary outside on this Christmas Eve.  The temperature is 44 degrees at 8:00 am. On my way to work I saw maybe 5 to 10 cars on the road.  Many of the businesses I would usually see open, are closed. 

We will be open between 9:00 am and Noon today.  Paula and I always do that.  Everyone else who works here is off. Business is often fairly brisk on Christmas Eve morning here.  We see some people we normally would not see.  It’s fun to be here.

We got a lot more rain than I thought last night.  We had almost an inch of water in our gauge when I got here.  The drainage ditches in town are brimming with water.  Little River is rising and there is a little color to the water.  It is supposed to rain all day.

The water temperature has risen to 43 degrees, up from 36 degrees yesterday morning.  This might be a good day to catch a brown trout in the Smokies.  The conditions are perfect for that.  For your normal fishing it will be fairly slow.  Use some larger dark nymphs and add some extra weight.  You might catch a few trout.  Don’t expect too much action.

I contacted Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) yesterday via e-mail.  The e-mail went to friends of mine who are in the Fisheries Division.  I asked that they consider stocking more trout in Little River to keep this pair of bald eagles here for the winter.  The money for that would not come from the fisheries budget.  But, since TWRA and other agencies and groups have devoted resources to stocking eagles, this is a prime place for them to be seen by the public.

These bald eagles arrived after TWRA started their Fall stocking program.  The birds are here because the trout are here. 

When I see bald eagles, I am usually fishing on a river far from a high concentration of people, and I usually only get a quick glance.  Here, they are sitting in the trees right in town.  I can see some much needed activity in our town during the winter if the eagles stick around and people find out.  Photographers and bird watchers might come here and stay a few days.  It’s a long shot.  I’m thinking about tourism and our local economy of course.  We’ll see what happens.

I won’t be writing a fishing report tomorrow but we’ll be back in action on Wednesday.

I hope all of you have a great Christmas holiday. 

Have a great day and thank you for being here and supporting us.

Byron Begley
December 24, 2012

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