Townsend, Tennessee
December 29, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny, very clear and cold, 31 degrees.  The mountains are in vivid view thanks to the clear winter air.  Townsend is busy.  That is expected due to the Holidays.  After Sunday, the crowds will be gone.  Then begins the winter season when businesses hope to have enough cash to make it through and some people are laid off for seasonal business reasons.  It’s a great time to live here.  We have it to ourselves.  It’s just tough to make a living during those months.  For us Spring comes early.  When the Quill Gordons start hatching, we get the word out and the fishermen show up.  The internet has done wonders for that purpose. 

I can remember many years ago when the fishing season opened in April, I think it was the first of April.  Back then fly fishermen didn’t see Quill Gordons unless they happened to be hiking along the streams before the season opened.  In the early 80’s the Park Service opened the fishing season to “year round”, except for Abrams Creek.  That is when Steve Moore took over as the biologist at the Park.  One of his first assignments was, “what do we do with Abrams Creek”.  Eventually, he opened it up to year round fishing. 

If you go fishing toady you are going to be cold and so will the water.  The water temperature is 40 degrees in town, colder than that in the Park.  The trout will be sluggish.  You might catch one or two.  The sun is shining so that might warm the water some but it also makes the trout more spooky.  They feel better on cloudy days.  They feel less vulnerable.  I would try big nymphs or streamers, heavily weighted and try to spot some larger trout, especially browns to target.  Don’t fall in.  And don’t get to far from the truck in case you do.  I would have some dry clothes in your vehicle.

I feel good.  For two days I’ve had some kind of illness, either the plague or maybe typhoid fever.  It could have been distemper.  Anyway, I’m back to normal or as normal as I can be.  It feels good.

We may be getting some snow.  The National Weather Service mentions “Significant Amounts” in the higher elevations Thursday through Saturday.  Let it come.  I’m ready to see some white mountains again.

I’ve been reading internet books and working on our website.  I know how to design pages and a website.  That’s the easy part.  The internet is the land of opportunity.  Articles in the Wall Street Journal and stories on CNN indicate a large movement toward internet shopping.  Bring It On!  Our internet orders through yesterday for the first four weeks of December were up 80.77% over the same period last year.  And, I thought I read in “The World is Flat” that this would be the peak year for internet shopping in the United States.  I also remember reading that many other countries would not peak for a few more years.  I guess we’ll wait and see.  I’m not waiting for anything.  I’m going to be pro-active as if I expected the peak to be this year.  I’m going for a bigger piece of the pie whether it grows or not. 

Without the internet we could not offer the selection of fly fishing tackle we have now for those who visit our store.  Without the internet less people would be working here.  We would probably still be renting a small shop.  We would not even own a building, especially one like this.  Without the internet we would not have the pleasure of knowing many of you.  You would not know the current stream conditions or which bugs are popping off the water.  Many of you met as a result of this website and you became friends. 

Yep, the internet is the land of opportunity.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
December 29, 2009


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